Monday, August 21, 2017

If no one calls 911 does that mean we don't need help?

I came across a word the other day.  As it so often happens, my agenda to study a certain passage or word is set aside when I see a light shining in another doorway and the Lord is whispering, "Come check this out."  It's so annoying when he doesn't let me study what I think I should be studying.   So, I give a good eye roll and walk through the door that is opened down the hall, promising myself, "I'll only be gone a minute," as I look back at my tidy and organized thought processes written out and begging my attention.

I see this word on the door, and I nod my head and say so haughtily to the Lord, "So?  I get this word, I get its relevance in this passage.  I get this story.  I've heard this story, over and over and over again.  Yes, you have saved me.  Yes, you saved me by dying for me on a cross.  Yes, I get it, Lord, you've rescued me.

Do you know what rescue means?  We're not talking the romantic hollywood version of rescue where the damsel in distress is pushed out of the way of an oncoming car and she and her knight walk arm and arm into the sunset.  We're talking about rescue, rescue.  Like the Arnold Schwarzenagger kind of rescue or the Seal Team six kind of rescue.....sort of, but that's still not it.

What kind of rescue are we talking about then, Lord?

Remember when your daughter was lost in Sesame Place?  Remember when you searched and searched and searched for her, telling everyone what she was wearing, what color her hair was, begging everyone within shouting distance to LOOK FOR MY LITTLE GIRL!  I CAN'T FIND HER AND SHE WAS JUST HERE A SECOND AGO, I SWEAR!  SHE HAS BLOND HAIR AND IS WEARING A WHITE JACKET WITH TINY BLACK POLKA DOTS AND NEON PINK AND NEON GREEN STRIPES ON THE SHOULDER.  HAVE YOU SEEN HER?  HELP ME FIND HER, PLEASE!!! SOMEONE!  HELP ME FIND HER!

Yes, I remember.  I was very afraid she had been snatched by someone or hurt somewhere we couldn't see her.

Remember what you felt when you found her sitting in that theater, the lone child who just wanted to watch the play one more time?  Were you happy to see her sitting alone in that big theater?

Yes, and so relieved.  So very relieved.

Were you glad for her she wasn't hurt or more glad for yourself she wasn't hurt?

To be honest, I guess I was more glad for me.  She was having a good time and was mad at me when I made her get up and leave because the field trip bus was leaving.

So you were glad she was back with you, even if she had been hurt, you would have been glad she was back with you?  Even though she was crying you were taking her away?

Yes, I knew she was safe and I was so glad and mad and relieved and irritated and so very thankful.

Now you have an idea of what rescue really means when I put it in my word.  Take a look.

So I looked and this is what I found.

I was having a blast in Colossians 1:9-12, basking in the concordance and original Greek, finding new hope, being reminded of constant truths and when I was just ready to close my notebook another word jumped off the page, just a few words into verse 13.

The word I pooh poohed earlier and said to myself, "Yeah, I know what that's all about.  I'm done for the day."  I closed my notebook and my bible and pushed myself up from my desk and walked away.

Now, I meditated throughout the coming days on the passages I had studied, but "rescued" kept interfering with my thoughts, shining a light on the door yet to be opened wide if I would only press in.

So here I am today.

Rescued, in Jesus' way, by Jesus.

Not just a rescue that saved me in death, but a rescue that reached down and snatched me and pulled me away and dragged me away crying from what I was innocently enjoying, yet was not where the Master wanted me to be, away from Him.

He rescued me, he has rescued us.

To rescue, rhyomai in the Greek means, "from rhyo (Key word study Bible)
to draw, drag along the ground.  To draw or snatch from danger, rescue, deliver." says it this way:
"rhyomai - to draw or rescue a person to and for the deliverer.  In Matthew 6:13 (the Lord's Prayer) rhyomai is used in the closing sentence "deliver us from evil" - i.e. "Deliver me to Yourself and for Yourself."  That is "Lord deliver me out of my Personal pains and bring me to You and for You."

Here are the other places this word is used in forms of rescue or deliver:

Matthew 27:43
Luke 1:74
Romans 7:24
2 Timothy 4:18
2 Peter 2:9

Matthew 6:13
2 Corinthians 1:10

2 Thessalonians 3:2
2 Timothy 4:17
Romans 11:26

He didn't rescue us solely for our own good as I didn't search for my missing daughter solely for her own good.  He rescued us and I searched for my daughter because I needed her to be safe and to know she was safe.  He searched for us and rescued us because he needed us to be safe and to know we are safe.

He risked our tantrums and kicking and screaming and thinking we know best and ignored our threats to find a way to save ourselves and he reached down and snatched us from the dominion - (the authority, the physical capability to do something, the right and authority to carry out the action) of darkness - (spiritual darkness, implying ignorance or error; sin and misery).


Yes, for our sake, but as a parent, for His sake too.

No parent wants to lose a child.  No parent wants harm to come to their child.  God is certainly no different than us in that regard.  If we could, most of us who are parents would take every ache and pain and grief our children experience just so they don't have to suffer.  But also, if we're honest here,

so we don't have to watch them suffer.

He rescued you.  For many reasons, but only one that matters.  Because He loves His kids.  He broke through heaven's gates to come and rescue us in a way no other God or human being would ever do again.

You, my dear Reader, have been rescued by the God who wants no one to perish but for everyone to come to a knowledge of the truth.

That God rescued you, when you denied needing to be rescued, when you hated to know you had been rescued, he still pulled you out of darkness, for your sake and for His.  He's a good dad who hates to see his kids suffer.  He took the punishment we deserved, the suffering you would take for your own child if possible, and rescued us when we least wanted it or needed it or  believed we needed it.

Your God rhyomai you, for your sake yes, but for His sake too.