Sunday, May 7, 2017

A to Z reflections

This was the fifth A to Z challenge I have participated in and I wish I could claim I made a lot of new friends, visited a lot of new blogs, expanded my thinking and all such things one hopes to glean from this activity.

If I may be frank, up until the end of February I really hadn't put a lot of thought, let alone prayer, into what I may write about if I participated this year.  The days between the 2016 challenge and the days during the 2017 challenge were rough on many levels.  Blessings abounded, but the political atmosphere in 2016, the personal professional challenges, and the new changes my husband and I are once again finding ourselves in left little motivation to come up with a twenty six item list of things to write about, let alone find a theme for.

But, silly girl that I am, I forget what God can do.

I was challenged not only by my theme - a bunch of war ready boys - but I was challenged to put myself in David's shoes and Joab's sandals and even Benaiah's.  No, I wasn't facing what they faced, but the more I studied them, the more I gleaned for practical application personally.

I didn't hold an opinion as to the changes with the linky list vs. posting on Facebook, except I will say that is one of the reasons I didn't visit other blogs.  Since the election I have tried to limit my Facebook time, so I did not spend any time visiting blogs through that route.  This is not to say that I won't in the months ahead, but I did find the linky list convenient for getting to and seeing where I've been.  I never had expectations of visiting all of them, but I did like the layout of the previous method.

All that being said, I had one faithful visitor and commentator of my blog who gave me a personal shout out on her blog, so I will return the compliment.  Barbara was a great encourager this year.  Just when I thought I was going off into no man's land with my topics, she was there with an encouraging word to spur me on to keep plowing in unfamiliar territory.  Thank you, Barbara!

All this being said, I truly do find this writing challenge personally rewarding and encouraging.  I love, love, love to dig in God's word.  This becomes truer each year I have participated.  The answers to the problems of God's people lies in the ancient words.  Please search, please hunger and thirst, please dig.  This is our time.  This is your time.  No one is expecting you to have all the answers immediately or ever, but you won't have any answers if you don't ask!

Dig, Church, Dig!



p.s.  I do have my 2018 theme picked already!  Isn't God good?  :)


  1. Yes, God is good all the time! I'm glad I was able to encourage you, or rather used by God to encourage you. One thing you said, "I forget what God can do ... the more I studied them, the more I gleaned for practical application personally." had me smiling and nodding my head with an amen. How like our God, we start something for the reasons we think we do, and along the way God turns it and uses it differently in our lives. On that note, I'd say you had a very successful challenge this year!
    My Reflections post is up @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead