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Ikkesh, the father of Ira, one of David's Mighty Men was from Tekoa.  There is not a lot of pre-David Biblical information about Tekoa but long after David and his Mighty Men were dead, the shepherd who would become prophet, Amos, came from Tekoa.  Amos prophesied during the time of Uzziah, King of Judah and Jeroboam king of Israel.

In relation to the Mighty Men, there is not a lot of biblical data provided about Tekoa.  However, I did find in my research that at one time the olive trees from Tekoa were used in the Menorah during Chanukah.

Only the purest of olive oils was used for the Menorah. Do you know how it was prepared? Well, to begin with, no ordinary olives were used for the oil of the Menorah. Preference was first of all given to the oil of the olives growing around the city of Tekoa. No, not Tokyo, my boy, good heavens, no! Tekoa is a town in the Holy Land of Israel, where the Prophet Amos used to live. This town was located in the province belonging to the Tribe of Asher, whom Yaakov blessed with the words: "Asher's bread shall be fat and he shall yield royal dainties" (Gen. 49:20). The olives had to be grown on virgin soil which had not been artificially manured or irrigated. The olives had to be ripe and fresh from the tree, and only the first drops gently squeezed out from such choice olives could be used for the Menorah!

T is for Tekoa the home of the Mighty Man Ira's father, Ikkesh.

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