Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I remember the first time I saw the movie, "October Sky."  The topic on which the movie was centered around, building rockets, had no interest to me.  However, the story behind the man who would go on to build rockets for NASA, Homer Hickman, was a story that almost gave me the desire to learn about rocket building.


Suffice it to say, I never pursued a degree in physics or aeronatics from watching October Sky, but I have forever since been intrigued by the story of Homer Hickman.  An ordinary boy, son of a coal miner who would grow up to be a great scientist and NASA engineer.

Ordinary beginnings led to extraordinary discoveries.

At the end of the list of David's Mighty Men, and only in the 1 Chronicles 11 list, is the name Obed.  He is the second to the last name listed as a Mighty Man of David.  I've wondered as I've studied these names and looked for clues about their upbringing and histories, when the list was being "chronicled" by David, was Abishai or Joab or even Josheb standing behind him giving him all the names to be listed.

Maybe it was a scene like this:

David:  Okay guys, do I have everyone?

Ronda's imaginary consultant for David:  Let's see, Asahel?  Check.  Elhanan?  Check.

On down the list they would go, easily remembering those guys who stood front and center in their minds for whatever acts of bravery that stood out from the others, or perhaps it was their confidence that stood out and so their names were more easily remembered.

Whatever the case, I can't help but wonder if Obed, seemingly very ordinary to be listed second to last, and making only one of the lists, was remembered at the last minute, just before the ink dried and the scroll got rolled up and past on to the keeper of the Holy Scrolls.

David:  (Hitting his head)What was that kids' name?  You remember, kinda quiet and stood back most of the time....What was his name?  He hung out with another quiet kid and that Mezobaite?  What was his name?

Ronda's imaginary consultant for David:  Started with an O....Obadiah....no, that's not it.  Othniel?  No.....Wait, I know!  Obed!  Same name as you're grandpa!

David:  That's right!  Obed!  How could I forget that name?

There's not much to tell about Obed.  Just pure speculation as to what he may have been like, what he may or may not have done.  God did not find it necessary to tell us too many details about him except his name and that he was considered one of David's Mighty Men.

Probably an ordinary man, used by God, to do extraordinary things for an ordinary man who became king.

O is for Obed.

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  1. "Probably an ordinary man, used by God, to do extraordinary things" What God loves to do! Next, it could be me, could be you.