Saturday, April 8, 2017


Ithai, son of Ribai, was from Gibeah.

Gibeah, like many modern cities today have a history tied to it that can make one cringe when reminded.  Memphis, TN is famous for Elvis and B.B. King and Sun Studios, but also will forever be remembered in history as the place where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, and the place where slaves were auctioned.  Events long past can forever shape the reputation of a city.  Famous residents of a city or town can make one proud to be from a city and equally embarrassed to be a resident of one with a bad reputation.  What greater embarrassment or elation when your town is remembered in the Bible of all places?

Some of the events and famous people that shaped Gibeah's and its residents' reputation were the following:

In the time of Judges, the abuse of a concubine belonging to a Levite ended up starting a war between  between Benjamin and the rest of Israel (Judges 19, 20).

King Saul was from Gibeah.  The pride of the hometown son made king might have been quickly diminished when Saul's leadership skills turned out to be not what the people had thought they were getting (1 Samuel 10-26).  After Saul's death seven of his descendants were hanged in Gibeah to avenge the blood shed caused by Saul against the Gibeonites. (2 Samuel 21).

The ark of God was taken to Abinadab's house in Gibeah after the Philistines returned it (1 Samuel 6-7).  David was the one who brought the ark from Abinadab's house into Jerusalem (2 Sam 6).

And Ithai, son of Ribai, a part of the Mighty Men of David was from Gibeah.

The stories told to him with pride may have been embellished to avoid the stories of embarrassment and shame.

Whatever Ithai experienced as a resident of Gibeah, and a fellow citizen along with King Saul, he was of the David's Mighty Men.

Surely he had some stories to tell his grandchildren.

G is for Gibeah, home of Ithai, of David's Mighty Men.

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