Friday, April 7, 2017


What made the Mighty Men act with such seeming fearlessness?  Were they afraid when they took on Philistines and lions and thousands of troops and enemies bigger and heavier with weapons more fierce and with greater ability to kill?  Were they all faithful warriors who knew the LORD, who witnessed his power and acted upon that knowledge?  Was it fearlessness that motivated them or did they fear the God of their leader, David?

Fearful people don't fight three hundred men at a time or jump into a cave and kill lions.  Fearful people can only see what bad might happen if something is tried; fearless people see what bad could happen if something isn't tried.   At least that's what seemed to drive the Mighty Men.

They had to know the danger.  They had to taste their own fear, feel their own hearts beating out of their chest as they fought battle after battle against warriors better equipped, bigger and stronger and better protected.  What kept them going?

Fearlessness or fear of God if they didn't fight?

Fear is a powerful motivator.

Who or what do you fear?  David's God or your own Goliath?  Which one wants you to win your battles?  Who will rejoice with you in your victory?

Fear's simple definition is:





What false evidence makes you fearful?  Is your enemy's armor bigger and heavier than yours?  Is your enemy's armor the only armor that can win your battle?  Maybe you only need a sling and stones instead of breastplate and a 7 1/2 pound spear head.

What evidence of truth gives you a shaking in your boots, heart beating out of your chest fearlessness?

Oh you, Mighty man or woman of God, who do you fear?

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  I imagine that fear looks a lot like fearlessness.

F is for Fearless

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