Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dodo's son

Dodo's son, Elhanan from Bethlehem, was among the Thirty.  There were a handful of men listed among the Thirty who were first introduced in the list as someone's son.  To have your son named among David's Thirty truly must have been an honor for those dads.

We don't know anything else about Dodo or his son except that they are listed in the Thirty.  Did Elhanan and the other warriors who were listed as "Sons of" feel like they were only recognized for who their father was or was the honor of being among The Thirty so great that both sons and fathers shared the public esteem?

I wonder, and because I'm not a man or a son or a father, my wonder is pure speculation.  There were over half of the Thirty whose names were followed by "Son of" someone.  I'm not a Hebrew historian so if anyone has insight on this I would love to learn more.  I've seen enough American television and movies to know that there are many men who try to break out of their father's shadow and make a name for themselves on their own.  Perhaps being among David's Thirty was just such a way to being their own man.

Or, perhaps, the honor was graciously shared, son to father.  We all have a past that rides along with our present.  Some of us have family that support and love us through everything we attempt to achieve in our life.  Some of us don't.  Some reading this are fighting their present battles with a painful past at the helm.  Maybe some of the Thirty, not identified as a son of someone were part of the latter.   I wonder if even those listed as sons may have had the same battle.

Do our modern relationships with our fathers still carry the same DNA as our ancestors?  Are our relationships new to our time or are our modern day relationship challenges as ancient as the challenges of David's Mighty Men?  What do you think?

D is for Dodo's son.  


  1. It could simply be like in our area: if everyone knows several Roberts and someone starts to tell a story about one, they may say "Robert Gains, Mark Gains second son. The one that married Penny Free."
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