Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Look out Home Depot!

A long time ago a German monk took it upon himself to denounce the shenanigans of the Catholic church.  In his time the church was corrupt (gasp!) and those who held the power were found to be untrustworthy with the offering basket (gasp!).

So this monk found the courage to face the truth and as such, face the enemies of the truth.


Voila', we have the Bible written in many languages, read by believers all over the world.  All because one person used the tool he had, the only tool necessary, truth, to seek true justice.

We've been digging like that German monk ever since.

Many like to let others dig and receive the benefit of the diggers' labor, not having the opportunity or the compulsion to dig themselves.


They do.

Until they come face to face with something that their old tools don't help or fix the situation they are in.

Maybe it's a wayward child, or infidelity, or any number of sufferings that face the human race.

They dig in their ratty old tool belt and come up with only a screw driver or a hammer, when they need a tape measure and a level and wrench and a drill and a saw.  The screw driver and the hammer used to be enough but it isn't anymore, and the suffering they are suffering doesn't get fixed or removed by those two small tools.

We are at a time in history where our tool belts need to be restocked.  We don't have the right tools for the job.

Yeah, we can borrow our neighbors tools, but pretty soon, he'll be knocking on our doors asking for his tool back because he needs to use it for his project or crisis.

You  need to buy your own set of tools.

You need to get a new tool belt, one that is sturdy and can carry many tools.  Maybe one of the cool ones now with wheels and a handle to pull it from site to site.

If you're dealing with the same problems in the same way and getting the same results - frustration, disgust, anger, defeat - it may be time to up your game and get more tools.

The good news is you won't have to run up a bill at Home Depot or Lowe's to get a good supply.

The tools you need are free.

Those foundational tools will still be necessary, but to really make your project shine, you need some more help.  Some better tools.

Only you know what you need.

Do you need courage?  Strength?  Passion?  Purpose?

What is your need?  What isn't working?

Do you need joy again?  Hope?  Mercy?

Then get them!  Now!  You know where to look for them.  You know the aisle they're in.  Don't ask someone to show you, go look yourself.  Take a stroll around the hardware store, you may find tools you didn't think you needed but boy, they sure could come in handy.

Don't wait for someone to drive you to the store to shop.  Don't wait for someone to show you how to find what you need.  This is something only you can do.  You and


He'll give you the new tools that you need.  They've been there all along, bright and shiny on a shelf.  You only need to reach up and take it.

Go shopping!  I give you permission to run up your credit card bill and have a blast!  Get what you need and then some.  Fill your cart, rip open the packaging and start using it, whether you know exactly what it's for or not, start playing with the tools and build your life.

The good life.  The life we live in between.  The only life you get on earth.

What are you waiting for?

A sale?



Matthew 13:52

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