Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Just enough light for the next step

My husband and I rode four wheelers recently.  It was a beautiful fall weekend in Northern Wisconsin.  The colors were brilliant as we zipped up and down trails, taking quick turns, with even quicker glimpses of beautiful lakes and ponds reflecting the white birch bark, the yellows and oranges and reds of the trees getting ready for their winter sleep.

With the sun not so high in the sky this time of year, and shining so brightly against a clear blue sky, the shadows it made with the leaves played tricks on my eyes.  There would be splashes of light in a polka dot pattern of shadow, sometimes dangerously placed on a hairpin turn or on a rock that was camouflaged in nature's disguise.

When we rode into an open clearing and the visibility was unfettered, the sun brought sparkles of diamonds on the pond waters, and made every color even more brilliant with the amber filter of my goggles.

But when the light was unpredictable, when it only shined itself in splotches of the forest trails, that is when the path seemed almost dangerous.

As the already low sun began to set, and the dust stirred up by the dry conditions, visibility was further impeded; where light was shining it was clouded by the dust left behind the rider ahead of me.  The light never stopped being light, but the dust came in and clouded what was already being camouflaged by the shadows from the trees hanging above the trails.

I knew God was trying to tell me something about this, because all day I kept grumbling about the light and the dust and the mixture of both with shadows.  The light was there trying to warn me of rocks and dips and puddles, but I was frustrated often because the shadows and dust seemed to be working so hard to block the light from shining on a clear path.

Sorta like what's going on right now in America.  It seems nearly every hour, more and more darkness is being exposed as more and more light is being shed on the corruption of our government and elected officials.  We see the light and what it is exposing, but the shadows and dust of those ahead of us is hindering a clear unobstructed view.

We see the light, but the shadows overpower it.  The darkness covers it, just when it seems a clearing is coming into view.

One more email released, one more video exposed, one more recording blasted over the internet.....

The Light is there.  The Light hasn't gotten darker just because the shadows have covered it.  The Light will never lose its power, no matter how much darkness tries to hide, the Light is still shining.  The clearing is just around the corner.  We'll be riding into that open field with the twinkling water reflecting the beauty of the forest around it soon.  Maybe it's just around the next hairpin turn, maybe we still have miles and miles to go.

Nevertheless, when we get there, the reflection is perfect.  The winds are calm, not a ripple is seen sans the rise of a fish searching for its afternoon snack.

Soon the Light will push away the darkness, as the last leaf falls before the winter nap is taken.

The Light will burst forth and there will be nothing to stop it.  No dust, no shadow, no forest canopy will be able to hinder the path we must take.

The rough ground will become level, the rugged places a plain and the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all mankind together will see it.



Isaiah 40

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