Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My new Facebook page

Hi there!

I've been sensing God leading me to try something and finally just decided to run with it.  I've written before about an opportunity I had for several years to participate in a organization called Bible Study Fellowship.  I was blessed to be able to study the Bible with women of many denominations for several years.

One of the greatest blessings I got from studying the Bible is that I learned HOW to study the Bible.  I learned how to break down the Bible into small portions of a collective whole and not only to grow in knowledge and understanding of its contents, but also to apply what I learned to my own personal walk with Jesus.

For many years I benefitted from sitting in a circle with women of many ages and backgrounds, some with lots of Bible knowledge, many with very little.  As each of us studied the same portions of scripture each week and came back to discuss what we'd learned, we were amazed at how the Holy Spirit worked in and among such a diverse group of people.

It's amazing what God can do when everyone is studying the same page!

One of the tools I was given in BSF was to learn how to do homiletics - a big scary word that basically means this:  Cut the Bible into small manageable pieces, make an outline, give each section of the outline a title and write some application questions for each section of your outline.

It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard either.  Challenging, but not overwhelming.

If we break anything into smaller portions, it's easier to digest, just like our food.  Our eyes want the whole pie sometime, but if we're smart, we cut ourselves a piece then eat one bite at a time.  If we're hungry the taste is delightful, if we're over stuffed from a big meal, the pie doesn't taste nearly as good.

The Bible is certainly food for the soul.  Some stay away because they think they have to eat the whole thing in one sitting.  Others stay away because they think the small bite they had as a child or twenty years ago is not enough to feed their soul and then they think it's because they didn't eat the whole pie, and so they tell themselves that's why they are still hungry.

Friends, small bites are just as tasty as the whole pie.

You just have to take a bite though!

So my new page: is designed to do just that.  The first lesson is up - I'll be doing portions of Exodus and Matthew, alternating each post as we go.  You can like my page or not.  You can read all or some of each lesson or not.  You can comment or not.

My only "rules" are to be kind and respectful should you comment.  This is not a door to political or religious discussion.  It is simply a door for the seekers, the sinners and the saints to taste and see that the Lord is indeed good.

I pray you are blessed and I pray the Lord begins to give you a hunger for his word through this source.

Get your Bible, a notebook and pen, and let's start digging!



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