Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Speaking from my heart, flawed as it is

I get wound up from time to time, a battle wages between emotion and logic; fear and wisdom; hope and despair.  I don't like to use this blog to air my scattered thoughts, but rather to remind my scattered thoughts Who is in ultimate control.

This is why I blog.

I used to journal, writing and sorting out the emotions et al that needed to find a way to come out and find its place in my personality, my belief systems and my quirks.  Then one day....it just seemed to come out better typed and a blog was born.  I guess it really started with getting that hair up my butt and training for a 1/2 marathon.  At any rate, I do less pen to paper journaling now to sort things out, and more sorting here, on Living in the Inbetween.

As you know, if you come here regularly, I took a break from social media that lasted about a week.  As much as I wanted to bury my head in the sand and avoid those things that spin me up, I was compelled to jump back into the action.  I make snide remarks on Facebook, from time to time, when I read something I think is absolutely ridiculous.  (So far from the good Christian some of you think I should/would/could be, I know).  I'm working on developing a better filter.....someday maybe.

But these are my thoughts and you can do what you wish with them.  Ignore, argue, stir in your pot and see how they settle....whatever you choose to do is your right to do.  I just need to get these thoughts of MINE sorted out, the best way I know how.

I have family members on both of my parents' sides who have done genealogy research of our ancestors.  I'm a nerd this way, and get excited reading through the copies of the genealogy reports that have been done.  Some of you may find this very boring and irrelevant to your life, but for some reason, it is very fascinating to me.

In 1997, a formal genealogy on my mother's side was traced back as far as 1883 starting with the passenger list from the ship my Roots sailed on from Germany.  On my father's side, the Roots of my American heritage were planted in 1771, in New York, five years before the Revolutionary War.

I think about those two dates a lot.

I think about those souls who risked it all to come to America.  A lot.

I think about what they gave up to come to America.  A lot.

I think about what they didn't have as they traveled across the ocean.  A lot.

No cell phone, no weather forecast, no promise of getting here alive.  No promise of any job waiting for them.  No promise of healthcare.  No promise of having a big house, new horses, clean clothes, a warm bed.

Yet they came anyway.

Why?  What was so bad about where they were that they risked everything for something unseen?

As a follower of Jesus, I'm not afraid of socialism or communism or capitalism or conservatism or liberalism.  I am a little bit nervous about what effects any and all of those can have on a soul, but as a follower of Jesus who knows the world I live in is not my home, I'm ok with whatever happens to the United States in November's election.  The sun will still rise and babies will still cry.

But as a descendant of people who risked everything to leave behind what seems to be trying to be born here, I'm worried.  I'm wondering how it has gone this far, this fast?  Have we all been sleeping?  Have we all just been apathetic towards politics and corrupt politicians that we don't even remember our history lessons?  Have we been so consumed with reality tv and fighting for rights that have already been won that we have left our government be run by career politicians so we don't need to be bothered?

Yes, the founders rebelled against their government and those same founders used pages of the Bible as a basis for the establishment of a free land.  This is how America was founded, on rebellion and using religion to plead your case.

Very flawed start and God saw it all and for some reason has blessed us despite our flaws.

People came here.  Men, women, small children...our grandparents.  You and I are descendants of people who risked EVERYTHING to come here.  Yet, some of us seem to be hell bent on making America the type of place our descendants escaped.

Flawed founders established a flawed country, no doubt.  But despite its flaws, people still come here.

Where will we go when we become like the nations our grandparents escaped and left behind?

Where will you go?

As flawed as America is, I still like being able to travel when and where I want with no fear of being checked for papers.

As flawed as America is, I still think it's pretty nice to be able to decide which doctor I can see without worrying about losing that doctor because an un-American system is taking over.

As flawed as America is, I still think it's awesome that I can talk about my faith in public, on the internet, face to face, without ever worrying about having to go underground and speak in code, worrying if I'll be killed for believing or doing so.

As flawed as America is, I still find our justice system still strives for fairness.

As flawed as America is, I still rejoice that I can write these things today without fear of being arrested or sent to a concentration camp.

As flawed as America is, I have hope that there are still enough of us who remember and appreciate who got us here, who fought their way here, who risked everything..... for us.

This election is crucial to the fabric of what America started on.

It's not the John Hancock's or the George Washington's or the Thomas Paine's or any of the other big names of our history that tell the true story.

It's Henry, Jesse's parents, Wilhelm, Johann, Fritz and millions of others who made my country for me.  We can't lose sight of where America started and why America started.  I pray we don't anyway. If God wills that we do, His will be done.  But for right now, today, I have to speak what I believe, from the depths of my heart, while I still can.... without fear of punishment.



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