Monday, November 23, 2015

Pressing on

I know.  It wasn't a very long break.  I've always been teased that I'm afraid I'll miss something, and even though I was sure I was DONE with social media, here I am.  Catching up on what I've missed.

Sidebar - my parents took a picture of me when I was about 3 years old.  They had company over playing cards or something and when I was sent upstairs to bed apparently I didn't stay in bed.  When my parents opened the stairway door to check on me after everyone had left, there I lay, sleeping, cuddled up on the floor between the bottom step and the door.  I AM afraid of missing out!  Lord, help me, it's true.

So, anyway.  A new start, a push of the restart button.

Did you know that when the Apostle Paul wrote the words I have as a tag line at the top of my blog he used a word that means to pursue, to persecute, to chase after, to zealously hunt down, earnestly desiring to overtake?

What do you press on and pursue and chase after with earnest?

I think all of us who belong to Christ wish to pursue and chase after Him earnestly, but we get stuck on the little obstacle called remembering.

No one had more he wished he could forget than Paul, formerly called Saul, the ISIS of the first century.  No one had more memories to tackle and push down and try and hide and forget and run from then Paul.  We're not talking little regrets either, we're talking about murder - over and over and over again - of women, children, and men whose only crime was their belief in a man named Jesus.

So when we see those lovely words about pressing on and straining toward, don't miss the introductory words of that sentence:

Forgetting what is behind.

Our job is to not only press on, but press on while forgetting to remember and remembering to forget.

You have no business bringing up the past to yourself or anyone else.  You have no business reminding God of all you've done to convince Him that you are undeserving of His mercy and love.

Your only business is to pursue and hunt and chase down and never give up chasing after Jesus Christ and the prize that awaits.

It's time to forget about it.  It's time to lay the past to rest.  It's time to give the past it's funeral, to cover it and bury it and walk away.  You can't change a second of it.  Not one lousy second.  What's done is done.

Stop torturing yourself.

These verbs are your responsibility now - if you belong to Christ:

Forget the past
Reach towards the future
Press on

In that order.

So when you're straining and pressing and you see a marker for the past, forget the past.  Remember to forget the past.  The scar may be there, but when someone asks how you got it, just say, "I forget."

God has.  Now it's your turn.