Sunday, October 25, 2015

Blind as a bat or 20/20 vision?

I am extremely nearsighted.  Whenever I get my hair cut and the stylist asked if they can set my glasses on the counter for me, I hold tightly to them and say, "No, thank you.  I would hate to have to look for them in an emergency."  I keep them in my hands because there is one thing I cannot do if I don't have my glasses on - SEE where my glasses are!

Having perfect vision is something I am really looking forward to about heaven.  No more glasses.  No more eye exams.  No more.  Perfect 20/20 vision.  Marvelous!

In heaven there will be no need for glasses. There will be no need for contacts or reading glasses or braille or seeing eye dogs.  We will all see and we will all see perfectly.  There will be no need for someone to tell us to watch our step or to describe the color orange.  There will be no need for stumbling descriptions of what a sunset looks like or a blade of grass or a flower petal.  Our vision will be perfect.

We don't have perfect vision now, but we do have something very close to it.  Something that is not hard for us to attain, yet came at a great cost to the giver.

Faith.  More succinctly, childlike faith.

Childlike faith has 20/20 vision.

Childlike faith doesn't need to know the answer to why and how questions.  Childlike faith already has the perfect view, the view of faith like a child.

A child doesn't understand what is involved in praying, but he or she does understand that they need to grab their father's hand and talk to him.  A child doesn't worry about what is said or how it's said or even if the words don't make sense.  A childlike faith just lets the words roll off the tongue and heart and trust that the Father hears the babble.

A child doesn't understand why it's dangerous to cross a busy street, but a child does feel the hand of a loving parent as it holds tightly to the child's hands.

A child doesn't worry about shopping for groceries and cooking meals and providing clothes for him or herself.  A child doesn't even think about wondering if the clothes or food will be there tomorrow, the child simply trusts the parent to provide them when the need arrives.

A childlike faith reads God's word, not expecting to understand, but trusting that God is speaking as it is read.

A childlike faith doesn't worry about premillenial or amillenial arguments.  A childlike faith doesn't worry that its adult mind isn't smart enough or wise enough or can or cannot read well enough.  A child like faith reads anyway.  A childlike faith searches anyway, knowing the search will continue but that's ok, because God is holding the flashlight and giving the child just enough light for the step in front of him.

A childlike faith doesn't rest on what he or she has learned thus far.  A child explores and takes apart and practices in pretend play the things it's small heart and mind is absorbing.

A childlike faith believes without having all his questions answered.

A childlike faith trusts in the way only a child can.

A childlike faith reaches up to a Savior already reaching down.

A childlike faith feels no shame.

A childlike faith feels no fear.

A childlike faith sees what an adult's eyes cannot see.

A childlike faith hears with ears an adult no longer uses.

O you of little faith, where is your childlike faith?   Could it be your faith is small and weak because your childlike faith has grown dim?

Open your eyes and see Him like a child sees Him!  Like you once saw Him before you got big.



"For we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

fix - skopos - to look at, contemplate, keep your eye on

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