Monday, September 7, 2015

Rejoicing and mourning with those who do the same

When we became a part of each other's lives, 
when things were good and fun and carefree, 
we never could have imagined 
a day in a very distant future 
when our lives would be invaded by a grief 
known personally by the Father Himself.  

We've been called to walk beside you, 
we've been called to walk behind you, 
we've had to look away when your pain was too great
 for us to hold
we tenderly put you in the arms of the Only One 
whose arms are big enough to carry
 the burden you were called to bear.

You took us to the place where a part of him now lays, 
waiting for the great trumpet to call him from his sleep,
 his body made whole and his laughter heard loud and clear.  
A hallowed place, guarded by unseen angels, I'm sure.  
Where wildlife visit and munch on some sage brush.

Till the great trumpet sounds.....

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