Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do you believe in your product?

I used to be a consultant for a home skin care line.  I loved the product and when I decided to become a consultant I did so because I wanted to get the discount on the products I used.  I loved the product and it was easy to share with others why I loved the product.  It was easy to share what about the product worked for me, what results I saw, why this company's products were better than a competitor's similar product.  I made many sales on my testimony alone.

But it seemed that a potential customer could sense when I loved an item in the product line and used it myself from the times I was given a new product to peddle that I hadn't tried but the company said was good.  I had a much harder time convincing a customer that the new product was good based on someone else's testimony and not my own.  I realized customers wanted to know why I wasn't using it if it was such a great product.

If I tried to deter talking about why I didn't use it, but so and so loves it, the customer was more apt to shut down and not even consider trying the product.  I was the face of the product, whether I used it or not and if it was "not" I didn't make a lot of sales.

Those were good teaching lessons for me as a follower of Christ both then and now.  Not to make light of the Gospel by putting it in sales terminology but how do you promote your product as a follower of Christ, how are you "selling" your product?

Do you spend more time telling about why the "product" works so well for you or do you sell your "product" by telling your customers how good the "product" has worked for people you know?

If you want to win souls for Jesus and you can't figure out why nothing is working in your efforts, you might take the time to ask yourself those questions.

Jesus is not a product we sell, but a person who changes us from the inside out.  If your outside is singing the right tunes and declaring the right words, but your inside is hollow and you don't believe your own sales pitch, than why on earth would anyone else believe what you say is true about Him?  Why would they find a need for him if you have no need for him on the inside?

Just something to get your brain and soul thinking outside the box a little.

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