Sunday, September 27, 2015

Can you hear God singing over you?

He is you know.  Singing you songs of comfort and encouragement, cheering you on, drawing you nearer and nearer to him.

I can't wait to hear the tune, but mostly I wish I could hear his voice, like I do when I hear a song this side of heaven.  I wish I could...and I almost can....but then it gets covered in white noise and commercials and distractions.  Oh the distractions.  An's worst enemy.  It's not that we're low on distraction, it's the opposite.  We are overwhelmed by distraction.

I wonder if there's a lot of that pseudo ADDing going on in the world right now.  We can't hear Him singing over us because of all the things that we are getting distracted by, that are filling our ears and our minds and our eyes.

Take a breath, close your eyes, shut off the tv, the computer, your iPad, the radio, your phone, and just listen for His voice.

Can you hear it?  He is singing.  If you listen closely, you can hear him singing softly and oh so tenderly his love song to you.

You are mine.
I love you.
There is nothing you can do to change my love for you.

He delights in you like a new parent over their newborn child.  He sings sweetly, softly, holding you close.

Can you hear Him?


Zephaniah 3:17

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