Thursday, July 9, 2015

Paint and all its possibilities

I love to paint.  I love the planning of looking for the just right color for a room.  I love finally choosing and laying my swatch on the counter in the paint department and saying, "I would like this color, please."  I love the excitement of thinking about painting day.  Getting my brushes and rollers ready, laying down my drop cloths, and setting up my ladder.

I love popping open the newly mixed paint can and seeing its beauty inside.  I feel excitement as the color is poured into the tray, the roller dipped in and then finally, finally, the transformation begins!

I love seeing old marks covered up and fingerprints and stains covered by the new color on the wall.  The steady transformation takes place, right before my eyes.  What once was one color is now new.  Suddenly, everything looks fresh, new and clean.  The old paint color is long gone, never to be seen again.  The new is upon the room and has opened up possibilities for starting everything fresh.

I'm a cheap date, I know.

The silly joy I feel over a freshly painted room is nothing compared to the immense joy God feels as He looks at you through the eyes of His precious son, Jesus.  His blood has covered the old you, the one with dings and scuff marks and fingerprints and dirt.  You have now been painted clean, spotless in his eyes.  Never to be seen by Him in the old ways again.

When God looks at you, He sees you clean and new.  The fresh coat of paint adding a whole new dimension to the you you thought you were.


You are a new person when you wear the robes of faith.  When you have been painted clean with the blood of the lamb, you are new.  The old is gone, the new has come.

Stop looking at the marks on your walls.  Stop seeing the dirt you are convinced is evidence that you are not His child.  God has made you new, you only need to start walking in that reality.

There is nothing but your own silly self to convince you to stay where you are.  You can look at your past and point out to me all the places on your walls that are showing wear and tear and dirt; or you can look forward to your future, with the new paint, with no dings and scratch free.

When you're stuck looking back at the past and all the wrongs you've done and were done to you, you can never see the future - the future that Christ has set you free to look forward to and walk towards.

You are new.  Your past is the past.  It's been painted over and no one is looking at it anymore.  You are a new, freshly painted, clean and flawless room waiting to be decorated.

Enjoy your life.  Enjoy the new you.  It's a new day when you belong to Jesus.

Live it!



2 Corinthians 5:17

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