Thursday, July 2, 2015

In Darkness God's Light Shines Brightest

My husband and I are so privileged to live in such a beautiful place.  As a friend of ours recently said, "Winter is Wisconsin's friend.  If it weren't for winter, everyone would want to live here."  She was right on with that statement.  We had a very windy spring this year and most journeys we took out in the boat had been rather bumpy and not real enjoyable.  But a few weeks ago we hit the jackpot.  The sunset was around 8:45 on this particular night and as we sat on the lake, listening to the quiet sounds of nature, watching fish rise and the sky change its colors, we watched an amazing change take place.
All pictures are mine.  Please enjoy, but do not copy without written permission.

If you want to believe there is no God and He has no say in your life, that's your choice.  But to me, this beautiful sunset was a visible picture of God's light pointing a way out of the darkness.  He has died to set you free.   Follow His light!


No photoshop was done on these pictures.  The visible dividing line was the natural occurrence.

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