Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Sharp Tongue

I can be a real smart ass and a snot.

I hate that about me.  I hate that my tongue can be sharp and the tone of my voice ...... bitchy, snotty.  I hate that.  It's not how I want to come across, my sharp tongue leading the charge, but it's there.  When I least expect it to pull itself out of its sheath, there it is slicing and dicing and saying things that cannot be taken back.

I can be sharp here too.  On this blog, using this keyboard.  I know I can and I have better control at managing the tongue here, but it's not perfect.  But I do try.  But this isn't one of those times.  My sharp tongue is out.

See, one of the things that irritates me the most out of all human behavior is laziness.  Not hard work laziness, not the physical kind, because I don't know too many people who are physically lazy.

The kind of laziness that irritates me is spiritual laziness.  (Political laziness bugs me too, but more spiritual laziness than either physical or political).

(Now, some may think I'm getting on a high horse and maybe I am, but I think there's some things that need to be said out loud, or at least on a screen because the times we live in are calling for warriors, not lazy cowards).

There goes my sharp tongue again.

We have greater access to the Word of God than we have ever had in all of history.  More people can read on their own now than were able to when the pages of the Holy Scriptures were first penned.  And yet, we still are weak and illiterate when it comes to what the Bible teaches.

Lazy people like to think that they are not smart enough to figure out all that Bible stuff.

That's a lie.

Lazy people like to think that they are not smart enough to be taught all that Bible stuff.

That's a lie too.

Lazy people like to be stuck on all the "God couldn't forgive me after all I've done so why would He want to teach me anything?"


Lazy people like to think that they can only be taught by someone who is smarter than them and have more education.

Lie, lie, lie.

See, when lazy people look into the Word of God change happens.  And when change happens that means the way I was can no longer be the way I am.  God's word changes me and.....

Lazy people don't like change.  That's the bottom line as to why we choose being lazy over action.  Being lazy and using the excuses born of laziness because we don't like digging into a book that has been preserved, FOR US, for thousands of years, is because we don't like change.

Change is hard and scary and lonely.  Believe me, I know.  I've had more changes in my life than a lot of people I know and a lot less than most I'll never meet.  But I don't regret any of the changes that have happened, because change got me off my lazy butt and into a life intimately connected with the Maker of trees.

Lazy people like someone to tell them what to believe and think and to do all the digging for them.  (That may be why you read this blog.....just saying').

It's hard thinking for yourself and finding out what God thinks on your own because when one thinks for him or herself than they may lose a few friends because they no longer go with the flow or follow the way it's always been.  When a lazy person stops believing the lies they've believed and start walking in truth, change - wonderful change - begins to happen.

So I ask you, one lazy person to another, how is lazy working for you?

How is following someone else who is following Jesus working for you?  Why don't you want your own close and personal relationship with him?  Why do you think that because someone more educated than you should tell you what to believe or how to behave with the One who created you, rather than ask the One who created you how He wants your relationship to work?

Before there were educated people, long before there were rabbis and priests and pastors it was just God and His kids, hanging out in the garden in the cool of the day.  There weren't liturgies and standards of conduct and duties and job descriptions.  There was just a dad and his kids.  There was intimacy.  There was a bond being made.  There was a relationship being fertilized and watered and growing.

Yes, Adam and Eve messed it up for all of us and the relationship was broken.

But then Jesus came and fixed what was broken.

And now....we can go back to the Garden and hang out with God and just walk with Him and hang out with Him.  Jesus restored us to the place we were always meant to be.  Hanging out with our Dad. (And I don't mean the Garden waiting for us in heaven).

Who wouldn't want that?  Do you?  Then stop being lazy and start hanging out with God and find out what He thinks and says and wants.  It's time to stop being a coward and seek the face of your Maker while you still can.  Sure, if you believe He died for you then you'll be in the Eternal place of peace when you die, but why wait until then to get what He has for you today?

Do you want to know what God thinks about something?  Ask Him first!  Do you want to know how you should handle a situation?  Ask Him first!  Before you go and ask twenty five close friends and relatives and your pastor and your Sunday School teacher or your rabbi or priest.  Ask Him first!   You get to, you know.  You GET to ask the Maker of Trees first!  There's no human middle man necessary.  Go to Him first.

Stop being lazy!  Dig, plant, water, reap, prune!  Today is the day you're given.  Use it wisely and don't be lazy.

Sharp tongue back in its place.  I love you all and pray for Him to show Himself to you as intimately as He's shown Himself to me.



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