Thursday, August 7, 2014

When the Stones Were Dropped

Based on John 8 (some words added for effect, not literal translation).

The sun was peeking over the Mount, coloring the sky in shades of yellow, orange and red
He walked among the quiet stones and lifted up his head.
They gleamed and shimmered, reflecting quite a sight
But nothing to the glory that was hidden in broad daylight.

He saw her standing there, her hair mussed and tears falling down
upon her face that was once made up to hide her imprinted frown
She was standing there, between the men, shaking and trying not to run,
When He looked at her and saw right through the things that she had done.

The men surrounding her said, "what do you say about this woman who has broken our holy law?
"She should be stoned, she should be punished for not heeding to Yahweh's law.
"We caught her with a man with whom she was not wed.
What do you say, will you be the one to help us stone her until she's dead?"

He looked around and when he could not see the man to answer with her to this charge,
he knelt down and began to write, using his finger for a pen,
Not answering their questions of what should be done,

He kept writing, we don't know what, and when he was finished he stood tall,
"If any of you have not sinned, then please, I'll stand back against the wall.
You can pick up your stone, hold it tight in your hand, be sure to throw hard,"
then he stooped back down and wrote some more, and did not erase or discard.

The words continued to be penned and as he wrote they began to leave,
no words were spoken just the sounds of dusty feet refusing to believe,
the oldest to the youngest finally left and walked away
the questions slowly stopped, there would be no snapped trap today.

Only he and the woman were left,
she was still shaking and overwhelmed,
His voice was gentle as he spoke to her , "where are they who condemned you,
has no one picked up a stone?"

She shook her head and said, "no one sir," looking around to be sure,
His eyes pierced through to hers, his heart so full of concern,
Then neither do I condemn you, go now and leave this life of sin."
Did she stay, did she run, did she wander away basking in the great win?

What did he write that day on the ground, we will never know
Did he write the sins of the men who brought her there?
Their lies, deceit and lust
Or did he list the times they all used the girl to heed to their own disgust?

We may not know the words he wrote, but whatever he wrote was true,
He pierced the hearts of those who judged and those forgotten few
The young who watched the elders rage, were caught in the crossfires too
They saw their lives before them, empty and aimless to pursue.

The words spoke loudly, this much is true
What would they say if they were written about you?

Have you suffered, have you sinned, have you faced the traps of deceit
Do the stones get thrown at you for what you continue to repeat?
Do you find the stones held in your hand for those who sin worse then you
Or have you laid your stones down, for he has ransomed you too.

He told her, go now, leave your life of sin,
For it's not the way we win.
I'll be there to hold you, I'll be there to see you through
The life you thought you'd never leave, will let go of you.

I'll be the one to hold you when the fears of life surround,
just look to me to make a way from the earthly bounds.
Don't fret, don't fear, don't take another step
Feel my hand holding yours as I hold you safe...and kept.


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