Friday, August 22, 2014

Confession, Part two

I hit that darn invisible light switch yesterday.  The one that used to be on the left side of our previous home and is now on the right side in our new home.  Remember?

It got me thinking about the act of confessing that I told you about the other day.  I've been praying for you and wondering about you hoping that God is beginning to free you from some stuff that He's been trying to get you to let go of for quite sometime.

Anytime we try something new, at least for me anyway, I get gung-ho starting out and then hit a plateau and before I know it, it's like I never started the something new.  Ugh.

It's the same way with confession.  You might have read my last post and brought your dump truck of garbage and dumped it into the landfill - a suitcase wasn't going to hold out maybe?  Wink, wink.  That release may have felt really really good.  But now, here you are two days later and you're feeling the same crap creep up on you again.

Don't fret.  Do NOT fret.


Don't stop confessing.

Even if you are thinking, "Ronda, I will never get anything done, there is just too much to confess," don't stop.  This is where trust comes in, that thing called faith that you have been given.

Got doesn't pummel us with each and every sin or missing the mark all at once.  He knows it would kill us if He did it that way.  We have our general recognition of I'm a sinner, saved by grace and by this I know all is forgiven and I confess this.  But the day to day sins or the sins of the past, are brought to light slowly, and ever so gently so that instead of feeling like you can never confess EVERYTHING at once, He leads us into a quiet place of confessing as we go along.

Sometimes confession has two parts.  If you are convicted of a sin, say you were short with your employee or your child, and because you are practicing this walk of confession and you confess immediately your missed mark, than a little while later, it may come to your mind several other times in the past where you were short with someone or inpatient.

As the Holy Spirit brings those things to your mind, and don't go digging for them, let Him show you  them, you can then confess those things, put them in a suitcase because they will fit in a suitcase and leave them at the foot of the cross.  You don't need a dump truck in God's way of handling the past.

Our hearts are feeble and easily overwhelmed.  He knows this about us and He's a good dad and doesn't want to stand beside us with a long list of sins for you to feel guilty over.  We may do that to others, but God does not do that to us.  Not since Jesus anyway.

If you have children you know that when they have broken a rule you and they need to be disciplined you don't bring up the offenses of two years ago, you deal with the offense of the day.  The past offense may need to be addressed, but not at the time of the present offense.

When a person is arrested and goes to court on multiple offenses, each offense is a separate count in a court of law and is dealt with separately.  (At least that's what tv teaches - wink, wink again).

My point is:  you may be FEELING that it is pointless to confess because there is TOO much to confess.  Don't base your confessions on your feelings.  Base them on the freedom that has been won for you in each confession.

Let me say this loudly and in big letters.


Now, the next part of confession is what to do about the consequences of our sins.  And this is the trickier part, because this is where God's enemies, and our enemies too, want to trip us up so we FORGET that we have been cleansed from our past sins.

Just because we've confessed doesn't mean we are set free from the consequences.  There is no punishment to be made in God's mind.  That was placed on Jesus Christ.

BUT, confession does not always stop consequences of the action.

HOWEVER, God, because He is merciful and just and caring and forgiving and kind and loving has the power to carry us through the consequences, holding us close, carrying us like a dad carries a little child after a long day at Disney World.  He's got you in the consequences too and He's not going to leave you.

You can take that to the bank.

God's got you.  The consequences may come and may be there until the day you die, but that doesn't mean you have to keep confessing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again ad nauseum.

Jesus is there to carry you through, to keep your eyes forward, to lean into through the struggle of throwing off what shame and guilt and regret want to throw on us.  He's got you.

Before you know it, your list of unconfessed sin will be so short, you will be living in the moment and so close to the Spirit of God that you WON'T WANT to do anything that comes close to sinning.

So hang in there, keep confessing, keep receiving the grace as God lavishes it on you.

You're so loved by Him.


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