Monday, July 21, 2014

An attempt to paraphrase in a poetic form

When Foundations are Revived
(A paraphrase from the first three chapters of the book of Ezra)

"Who wants to build God's church," Cyrus cried
to hearts worn out and and weak and oh so very tired.
"Your God has stirred this heart that rules the kingdoms of the earth
to help you rebuild His place of worship to glorify His worth."

"The God of Heaven has made it so,
just listen to what he's told me and I will help you make things go"

Cyrus called God's people both from far and wide
to give their all for the temple provide.

The survivors who'd run during Babylon's fierce plunder, 
those who scoffed the prophets as they warned
Now came out of exile with gifts
 as their broken hearts were awakened from a deep slumber.

Silver and gold, animals too, timber from Sidon and Tyre arriving from sea
The hidden temple articles, Nebuchadnezzar had carried away
Cyrus brought out and placed for the glorious display

The silver and gold numbered just over five K, the numbers of souls small in size too,
but working through fear of those watching around them,
the foundation was laid and the exiles surrounded.

The masons and carpenters being paid with food, drink, and oil 
lay the foundation of God's temple nearly forgetting the turmoil
that brought this great place to its utter destruction,
With God directing the course of its brand new construction.

Great celebration was heard when the foundation was laid
mixed in was the weeping of those who once knew
the magnificence of the temple of what once had been new

What once had been destroyed by stubborn hearts refusing to repent
but God, God of mercy never relents.
Pursuing those hearts sinking in mires of pride
He restores, he rebuilds, he makes all things new.

As the rejoicing and mourning were heard far away
God began a new thing, on a brand new day
He destroys the things that stand in the way
of the love he has for each of us everyday.

Stones don't love back, neither prestige, glitz and glam
Only God can love with a foundation that's true
And give new life to restore and renew.


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