Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blundering Believers

In our old house in Tennessee we had a mudroom between the kitchen and the door to the garage.  If you were going from the kitchen to the garage the light switch to the mudroom was on the left.  For fifteen years we reached left to turn on the light.

The house we live in now has the reverse set up.  From the kitchen to the mudroom the light switch is on the right.  No big deal, right?

Well, if I had a dollar for every time I have reached left instead of right to turn on the switch, I think our mortgage could be paid off!

For the first six months we lived here it was a constant wrong wall blunder.  Hubs and I would hear each other growling to ourselves as we heard each other reach for the left wall instead of the right wall to turn on the light.

At first it was funny when we caught ourselves reaching to something that wasn't where our minds were programmed to find it.  But after a couple months it became annoying and I wondered if our minds would ever get reprogrammed to reach right instead of left.

After almost a year living here I am happy to report that I am reaching more right and less left and periodically realize that it's been quite sometime since I fell back on my old ways.  It's not perfect, but it's better.

When a person sticks one toe in the waters of faith and begins to look around and say, "ok, how does this Jesus thing work?  What do I need to do?  Who do I need to be?", they can sometimes get overwhelmed quickly by thinking of all the BAD things they do that need to be stopped immediately. Some habits, some sins, some behaviors need to stop NOW, just like Jesus told the prostitute.

But a lot of who we are and what we think and do that is out of sync with God's best for us takes time getting used to doing, like hitting the wrong side of the wall expecting to find the light switch.

When Christ is in us we have the ability to find  and do the right things, but because Christ wasn't in us before we became believers, old habits sometimes die hard.  Walking with Christ takes getting used to, you need to get your sea legs and sometimes that takes periods of slipping and sliding and holding tightly to His hand as you walk out your salvation and your new life in Him.

One of the biggest tricks of God's enemies are to get us defeated from the get go when we can't stop doing the things we think we should stop doing immediately.  Lots of thoughts can come in our minds at those times.  Thoughts like:  you're not really saved; you should know better; you should try harder; you should just give up.

Anyone have those thoughts, or is it just me?

One thing, the most important thing you have to hang onto so you don't have to waste time anymore battling a won battle is to tell yourself this:

I am God's child.  I am not perfect, but He is.  I may continue to sin and pamper old habits, but Christ in me gives me the ability to practice not pampering them.  I will mess up.  But that's ok.  I will fall back on old choices.  But that doesn't mean I'm not God's child.  It just means I'm stuck.

And when God's child is stuck, God reaches down and pulls you out.

You'll reach for the wrong side of the wall from time to time.  But after awhile.....you'll realize you haven't reached for the old habits in a really, really long time.

So, give yourself a break.  Don't expect to have it all figured out tomorrow or next week or next year or in 2035.  It's a walk of faith.  Trust Him to reprogram your mind and body to reach for His best for you.  Expect nothing less.  Don't settle for believing you're a sinner and the New Life is for heaven.  No, the New Life is for now.  Today.

Stick that big fat toe of yours in and get moving.  Pretty soon you'll find the water is warm and refreshing and you'll be wading in up to your belly button and then before you know it you'll be diving in off the high dive and God will be there hands held up waiting to catch you when you jump in the pools of faith walking.  (yes, I said poolS.  You can't stay in the kiddie pool forever.  Well you can, but that's not a lot of fun.)

Love you and praying for you, Friends.


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