Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for You

Even if it's all a hoax.  Even if there is no heaven or hell.  Even if we just die and go into the ground to decay.  Even if there is nothing, no reward, no eternal life, no eternal punishment.

Even if it's all a lie, I'll still believe someone found me and you worthy enough to die for.

I'd rather believe there is hope to the mess of life, that there is a reason for the history of the planet, that there is a reason we all exist, then to believe it's all for nothing.

I'd rather believe that when the end comes I will be made perfect, all my flaws and dirt will be forever gone rather than wonder if when I die I'll turn into a cow or a bird or a bug or simply decay.

I believe He saw you and me as we are - messed up and filthy - and He loved you and me anyway and somehow found us worth dying for.

I believe there is nothing you or me can ever do to make us worthy for such a sacrifice.

I believe He loves you.  With all your stuff and baggage, He loves you.  With all you've done and will do, He loves you.

I believe He loves you with all your struggles, some by choice, others not, but He still loves you.

He loves you.

There is nothing you will ever be able to do to match his love for you.


You will never be good enough.

You will never be nice enough.

You will never be patient enough.


So give up.

Give up and rest in the simple yet amazing fact that He LOVES you.

This is for you too, believer, He loves you.  Your works aren't saving you.  Your serving in His kingdom isn't saving you.  You don't have to do one more thing to earn his approval.  You could quit your duties for his people today and he would never, ever, ever, ever, never stop loving you.


Rest, friend.  Rest in his love for you.  Take a deep breath and rest in what it means for someone (you) who has to do absolutely nothing to earn someone else's love.

There's no manipulation required.  No list to follow and check-off.  He is not asking you to prove your love for him.  He loves you because he knows you can't prove your love to him.

Really now, when you think about it logically, what do you have to lose?  Is it fun thinking you may be a cow?  Is it comforting to think all your life is meaningless and you'll just end up decaying in the ground or being dissolved ashes in some body of water or just simply dust blowing in the wind?  Does that really give you comfort?

What would surrendering to His love look like in your life?  Is your life so much better without Him?

Surrendering to His love brings rest.  Your problems don't go away.  Your struggles will still be there. But you will have someone on your side who is for you, not against you.  You will have someone who is always there for you.  You will have someone who knows you like no other person could ever know you.

I like that about Him.  It takes the pressure off having unrealistic expectations of others to fulfill a hole in my heart that only he can fill.

So anyway, it's a rambling post today, so glad this challenge is almost over.  I'm tired.

He loves you.

Y is for You.



  1. Hi Ronda. He does love us. But we can know. The eyewitness accounts were given to us so that we could know. The prophesy was given to us so that we can know. The Holy Spirit was given to us so that we could know. I can't think of anything more wonderful to ramble about. So keep on rambling and I'll join you in the celebration. Happy to find you. God bless, Maria, Delight Directed Living