Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for eXposed

eXposed - open to view; not shielded or protected

Yes, fellow bloggers, I cheated a little bit.  It's not a true X word, but it starts with the same sound.  I debated about using X is for Christ because the Greek letter X is the first letter in Greek for Christ, but then I thought I may be breaking some English letters only rule so I cheated.   Yes, I cheated.

And I don't care that I cheated, because the word - Xposed has come to be very meaningful to me this winter.  (The coldest winter in Wisconsin in 35 years I might add).

When we moved north last summer and left behind our home of fifteen years and got rid of junk, ahem, I mean treasures, that had been accumulating just because I had room for them and I wasn't moving every one to two years anymore, we became exposed to a lot of unknowns.

How will this work?  How will it work going back to our home state after being away for so long?  How will it work when the grandkids start coming and we're 700-900 miles away?  How will it all work out?

We didn't have any of those questions answered before we left and some of them are working themselves out just fine, but the big change we went through last year exposed us.  It exposed us to being vulnerable again, learning our way around a new town, a new community, a new but old culture, a new way of learning to live in severe cold.  (I keep bringing up the cold, I know, but it was cold!)

We saw a lot exposed this winter too when all the leaves were off the trees and the summer brush was gone and you could see deep into the woods.  We saw houses that are invisible in summer, we saw tree stands that were vulnerable in the open, not hidden by foliage.

Winter exposed beauty we normally don't see when the greens and other colors of summer lay a blanket over them and winter exposed junk that lies covered up by brush and leaves in the summer.  (There are lots of broken down old cars and buildings you never see in the summertime!)

Change exposed us.  Change always exposes hidden feelings, attitudes, and beliefs.  Exposure to new things brings out the changes we need to continue to grow and stretch and experience life the way God wants us to experience life.  Change exposes us to what needs to be let go to face the new.

He was exposed.  He let himself be exposed to shame and humiliation and grief and hunger and exhaustion.  For you.

Change exposes what is waiting inside you, what is in you and able to stretch you beyond what you ever thought you were capable.

X is for eXposed.



  1. Exposure comes in many ways. My parents moved back to Wisconsin to be near their mothers in their final years, and I believe they would consider that a good move.
    Jean, visiting for the A-Z Challenge from Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer

    1. It has been good, Jean. Thanks for visiting and congratulations on finishing strong.