Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Volunteer

Volunteer - to offer to do or give something without being forced to or without getting paid to do it
When sin entered the world and God had to set the course for redeeming the world, he didn't, he couldn't, go among a company of men, pacing in front of them and saying something like this:

Men, who will go?  I need someone who is willing to leave this perfect world of heaven, go to a world where you will be mocked, spit upon, ridiculed, arrested.  You will be the victim of attempted murder when they try and throw you over a cliff.  Your own family and friends will disown you and think you're crazy.  You will wear a human suit that will make you feel tired, cold, hungry and a host of other conditions.  You will be tortured, hung on a cross and die.  And the best news yet, you won't get a single thing back for your service.

Who will it be?  Anyone?

No, it didn't go down like that.  First of all, because there was no one at the time besides Adam who could volunteer and Adam was who got us into the mess we're in.

Secondly, only God could redeem, buy back, the damage done by sin.  Only God.

God Himself had to volunteer for the job.

He did it freely, without expecting anything back.

He did it knowing many would never thank Him for what He did.

He did it willingly, knowing what lay ahead for him.  The pain, the despair, the humiliation.

He volunteered.

He volunteered to give His life for you.

He expects nothing back.  Nothing.  No good life, no staying away from breaking the big laws, no being a good person.

You can't do anything.  Dead people can't do anything.

And that's what we are without Him.  Dead.

But with Him, with trust in Him and what He volunteered to do for me and you, we are alive.

Alive and well and able to volunteer to do the hard things, live the sacrificial life, love the people who are most hard to love, walk through the pains of life with courage.

Because He volunteered to do it all for us, we are able to give all for Him.  He expected nothing in return when He volunteered to live the life we cannot live.

He volunteered.  He wasn't forced to, he wasn't paid to do what He's done for us.

He volunteered.

V is for Volunteer.


Things to chew on:
1.  What things do you do that you know you will never get compensated for doing and you do them anyway?
2.  Have you ever not volunteered to do something because it would involve too much of a sacrifice for you to do?

Ephesians 2:1-10

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