Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Original

Original:  not like others

When I was a new mother and learning how a baby worked I read everything I could get my hands on both while I was pregnant, after the baby was born and until he basically went to college.  Grin.

Then baby two came along and everything that worked for baby number one did not work for baby number two.  Several reasons for that became evident:

First of all and most important,  I wasn't a first time mother when my second baby was born.  I had learned to relax. A lot.  The second reason was first baby was a boy and second baby was a girl, and  you can enter in multiple sub-categories under this reason alone.

By the time I was pregnant with baby number three I thought I had figured out how it all worked and felt I could handle either sex no matter which God blessed us with.  (This was before we knew the sex of the baby before it was born - a shock to you new moms out there, I know!)

I felt pretty sure of myself and confident that I had boy babies figured out and girl babies figured out, I was ready for either!

And God laughed and laughed and laughed!

Baby number three, a girl, not only was nothing like the boy baby, but nothing at all like the girl baby I had.  What worked for the first girl baby didn't always work for the second girl baby.  And some of what worked for the boy baby DID work for the second girl baby, but all three were so different in temperament, personality, likes, dislikes, foods preferences, sleep patterns and multiple other traits that there was no way I could find THE book to fit my situation as a mother.

They were all ORIGINALS even though they shared many characteristics.  Things like organs and skin and bones and cells and blood came with all three children.  They all were born with brains and souls and the developmental paths were prewired so that they all reached the milestones at somewhat same timeframe.

But they were, and are, so different in so many ways, yet so much the same in other ways.


And so are you and me and the rest of the planet. We all share the single most common denominator:  being human.  Created by a God who created the stars and moon and sun and the planets and the galaxies.

He created men and women, boys and girls.  All with the same basic model of either the male body or the female body.

And then he tweaked us.  He made us original in our design and our abilities and gifts.

Some are really good at math.  Some are born leaders.  Some are born shy.  Some are born laid back.  Some are born with a natural understanding of the sciences.  Some are born with a keen awareness of emotional pain.  Some are born to teach.  Some are born to work on cars.  He gave some of us brown hair, some blonde, red, black and mixed with other unique hues only for us.  Some were given green eyes, some were given blue and brown eyes.  Some are tall, some are short.

He didn't cause us to be born in the same towns or cities or countries.  He picked unique and original places for each of us to be born and live and have our being. He put us in families each original in their own way.

He's given each of us specially designed circumstances and upbringings which further make us originals.  None of us have the exact same history.  We share a lot of similarities but we are all originals with original stories.

Each of us is unique, an original.

Made by a unique and original God.  There is no one else like Him.  No other God can do what this one can do.

We are originals made by an Original God.

O is for Original.



  1. Nothing works like anther being. We all need to be original in our action and thoughts. If we weren't we all be stuck in a rut.

    Stop in from A to Z challenge.

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  2. GREAT post Ronda thank you. How lovely it is that you say also about an Original God.
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