Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bird brains and other winter observations

This summer we often noticed a doe and her two fawns in our rural neighborhood.  I don't know what it is about seeing a deer up here, but every time we see one it's like we're seeing one for the very first time EVER!  Everything stops, we get quiet, and try to just observe their beauty.  The fawns are especially sweet to look at with their pretty spots and always staying close to their Momma.  One day as I was leaving our neighborhood there they were:

We've seen them from time to time throughout the fall and this winter we see them crossing this road, always the three of them together.  The other day my husband put a tray of bird seed and corn in our front yard along with a trail cram strategically placed nearby.  This morning's pictures had this evidence of Mom and her little ones.  We can't prove these are the three from the summer but I'm pretty certain they are.

As smart as these deer are to go where the food is, we have a female cardinal who, on an almost daily basis bangs herself against our dining room window trying to get in.  EVERY DAY the epitome of bird brain tries to get in and EVERY DAY we go to the window to scare her away.  She just doesn't seem to get it and I wonder if her beak is getting sore.   My husband did put up a feeder for her yesterday so hopefully she will give up on her quest to get through glass.

Isn't that how we human bird brains are though?  Doing the definition of crazy/insane/stupid - the same thing over and over expecting to get different results?  

Changing locations and jobs and lifestyles (I haven't mentioned the cold, but it's on the tip of my fingers to complain about) takes a new set of skills to adjust and maneuver and fit on comfortably.  Some of the old skills from moves past have helped, but we're realizing we're not in the same circumstances we were when we moved with the navy so those skills are like that cardinal - banging our heads against glass that won't break.  We have to try the new things, go through the new doors God is opening for us and keep going where the Food is.  

The journey continues.


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