Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday or not, He's still the Christ of Christmas

I've been noticing how afraid people are to say the word Christmas this year.  No one talks about their "Christmas" shopping or their "Christmas" cookies or their "Christmas" cards.  It's all been replaced by their "Holiday" shopping, "holiday" cookies, and "holiday" cards.

Ok.  So it's offensive to say Christmas now.  Sad.

But not surprising.

And He knew it would end up like this too.

He knew, before He every left His throne and put on the flesh of a human being, it would be like this 2000 years after His birth.

The One who was born to be familiar with our sorrows, not just a bird's eye view of the pain and distress and suffering we bear silently, but a familiar acquainted feel it down deep in the bones and hidden cells of His DNA familiar acquainted with our sorrows.  He feels our pain.  Not just a catch phrase kinda feel either.  He feels it, He felt it, He lived it when He lived in the same flesh we live in now.

He knew He would be despised.  He knew He would be called a just a man.  He knew He would be rejected.  He knew He would be mocked.  He knew.

And yet, He still came.

Some find His story a fairytale, some find Him a deep offense.

He knows.

And He came anyway.

Maybe it is all a fairy tale.

And if it is, I'd rather believe in this fairy tale than not have anyone or anything to believe in.

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty never claimed to be familiar with my pain and sorrows.

He did because He was.

There is no one, great or small, royal or not, who can truly feel what we feel.

He was a man of sorrows.....not one sorrow, but sorrowS.

He was familiar with suffering....not just a pat on the head or a sad look and "sorry man, it's tough," but He was familiar, He yada - He knows, he learns, he knows by experience, he perceives - He Knows.

He knows.

He knows you.

He knows your past.

He knows your pain.

He came for you.

His Name is Christ.

Whether we say His name or not or deny His existence, doesn't make Him less so.

His Name is Christ.

He is why this "holiday" is still in existence.

You who deny Him and His name cannot take away how it all got started.

He is the Christ of Christmas.  The one who is familiar with your suffering.

He came for you.

Praying for that Peace for you,

Isaiah 53
Hebrews 4:15


  1. I say Merry Christmas to everyone! I don't care who they are. NO ONE has ever been offended. They smile and say it back, or say, "You too." The whole thing is ridiculous. Christian thought is slowly, but steadily, being pushed out of the public square. You are right that God is not surprised though. Still, in the end, HE wins. :-)