Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Grace is Messy

There's no other way to aptly describe God's grace except to say that it's messy.

It forgives the unforgivable.

It loves the unlovable.

It believes in the hopeless.

It strengthens the weak.

It weakens the strong.

Grace is messy.

It doesn't come all neat and crisp and dressed pretty with a bow on top.

Grace looks beyond the surface, then past the next layer or two or ten or twenty or one hundred layers that have made a person who and what they are and do.

Grace searches and seeks to know and understands how we got the way we are.

Grace came in the form of a human being, wearing the flesh of our mess, yet not giving in to the temptations we all give in to and suffer.

Grace takes the punches of rejection and loves anyway.

Grace takes the punches of arrogance and pride and humbly offers more of Himself to the self-righteous.

Grace loves beyond all human understanding.

Grace gets us.

Grace loves us anyway.

Grace came for us, to be with us, to suffer the sufferings we suffer with us, not against us.


God's Grace.

His Name is Jesus.  He came for you.



  1. Thanks so much for this description of the beautiful nature of Grace. I'll be closing my message this morning with your words. Praise be to the God of all grace!