Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gobbly gook

asdlkjf;slkfj;oier ;oia;oieur ;

That's what seems like the only words that come down on this keyboard lately.  alksjf;l ieru;oieu;woiaaflkjf as;f;woieru!

Not that there aren't a host of words rambling around in my brain trying to get out, but it doesn't seem like there is one trying to kick open the door.

I like sharing our Green Bay trip, our trip of the river pictures, but it just seems so.....sooo.....boring to me.

Maybe I'm still in transition.  Although, on the outside we're moved in, unpacked, living, routinely.  I'm waiting to finally get my nursing license application approved, after it seems like nearly everyday there is one other hoop that needs to be jumped through.  So I wait.

I sit and I wait.

And words ramble and roll and make noise in my head but sit on my tongue when I sit here at the keyboard.


The world's events leave me constantly looking at God, because if I look anywhere else, the news, the radio, Facebook, I just get so anxious.  And there's absolutely NOTHING I can do to make anything or any of it make sense or even better.

It seems like there is a force that can only be stopped by Someone Greater than me or a congressman or a senator or president or a housewife calling on the phone.

So I pray and try not to be an ostrich burying my head in the sand, but there's just only so much that man can do to undo what has already been done.

We need Someone bigger than ourselves to save us from the mess that we've created of our country, our lives, our homes.

So I looked at the book of Job this morning.  And I found myself totally skipping over the parts of Job's "wise" friends, his buddies, his prayer partners, his accountability partners and just found myself soaking up chapters 38-42:6.

I was finding it a little amusing that with all of the "insight" his friends gave him, it was only when The LORD answered Job out of the storm that Job replied by saying to the LORD, "you said."

That's what's missing here in good ol' USA.  What does the LORD say?

Not what do we want Him to say.

Not what we think He should say.

Not what we would say if we were HIM.

Not what we hope someone would say.

Not what we thought He said.

Not what someone said he said.

What does the LORD say?

My words are specks on a page, on a computer screen.  Just specks that will disappear someday.

His Word has endured.

His Words are the only Words that have power in them to change.

An unchanging God with the power to change everything in His hands while He himself never changes.

We're the ones who need Him.  He doesn't need us to tell Him what to do about the situation His world is in.  We need Him to change us, to be the piece we are meant to be in the space we are using right now, today.
If we were god.....well, don't even go there.  We're not.  

He is.  He's the One we need.

Peace, yes there is still peace in my soul,


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