Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A foundation is only as good as the building it supports

For several years, while living in Tennessee, I would frequently pass a property that intrigued me.  There was a house built on the property and obviously lived in, and about ten years, give or take a few years ago I noticed that a foundation had been built with what looked to be a new house that would be built upon it.

Each time I would approach this property and this foundation I would wonder if the building had been started, and each time I would only see this.

For years, at least 8, maybe ten or more, the foundation remained the same and the only thing that was added to the foundation were weeds that would grow up amongst the sand.  Every so often the weeds would be gone, but still the foundation remained, no walls were going up, no signs of any continued building were seen.

Now, I don't know the story of why the house, or building was never built, nor is that the point of why this intrigued me so.  Maybe there was a tragedy, a loss of income, who knows?  But the foundation has just sat there, waiting....

You know I can't see things for what they simply are, a foundation that is just a foundation, my brain starts to think about foundations.  What they are for, what is built upon them.  How it will be used.  

I don't know a lot about laying foundations for buildings, but I respect the engineering that is involved in making sure that a good foundation is laid.  That the foundation will support whatever will be built upon it.

But....what if nothing is ever built upon the foundation?  I'm assuming this foundation is intended to hold a home.  A home with walls and lights and carpet and people and furniture and warmth and joy and fun and laughter and tears.  

But if you only have a foundation, what kind of home can you have?  Maybe you can set up your furniture on the foundation, but as soon as the rain comes, you're going to get wet.  Maybe you can even cook a meal on an open foundation, have friends and family over, but where does one go for shelter when the foundation has no walls or no roof?

Our lives of faith can be like that empty foundation.  We can have a great foundation laid in our hearts.  A great foundation of faith in a Savior named Jesus, but when it's a foundation only and nothing else is being built upon it; no walls of learning are being added; no roofs of security or shelter to protect from the elements that drive us to our knees are there; no lights of wisdom and discernment to light our path on this broken road we trod, what good is a foundation for now?

We need the foundation, we rest in our foundation in Christ's sacrifice for us, we have peace in the foundation that has been laid for our salvation.

But if our foundation is just a foundation and no home is added, you're going to get beaten by the elements.  Sure, you can have your friends over and cook out and sit on your couch and say "what a wonderful foundation this is!"  

But where are you going to go when it storms?

God wants you to build on the foundation He's laid for you.  Make a home on your foundation.  A home of learning, of knowledge, of stretching and thinking.  Add some lights, put up some rooms so many more can come and enjoy your foundation and your home built on the Foundation that is Jesus.  

Great engineering went into that Foundation.  It can stand the test of many, many storms.  There's enough rebar in its walls to support any wind that tries to blow your walls down.  It's solid, it's sure, it's True.  

And its meant to be built upon.


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