Friday, July 19, 2013

When a small view is better than no view

The view was small, looking through the small hole of this marble wall of a temple that once existed to a god made up by men.  On this side of my view I could see the majestic walls of marble, walls that once sparkled and gleamed in the Mediterranean sun.  Through the hole lay the city.  I could only see a small portion of the ancient city through my limited view, but I knew it was there.


It was a small view, but it was enough.  I didn't have a Master's in Archaeology and my limited education of Greek mythology and the significance of the wall I now was standing next to was only learned the day before in a lecture on board the cruise ship.  But I knew, beyond that small window, was a very large city.

But to get the full picture, to see the full panoramic view of the beautiful sea and the city in its cradle I had to step around that small hole, away from that broken down wall to see this.

Sometimes a small view is all we need to get a glimpse of the bigger blessing that lies just beyond what we can see.  But sometimes...we just need to step away from our small view, walk around the wall and see the better view.


All pictures are mine, please enjoy, but don't use without permission.

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