Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When your head knows He's there but your heart needs to be reminded

She said, "God's here."

I knew it.  In my head I knew He was here.  I knew He was with us, but my heart, my emotions, weren't playing along.

He told us, "Never would He leave us or forsake us."  (I guess He can say never and mean never.)

In the moment of fear, in the moment of wondering, is this it? is this the end?, head and heart are sometimes on two opposite corners of the world.

I've told people that very thing, "God's here", hundreds of times.  I believe He's here.  I believe He was there.  I believe He never leaves me nor forsakes me.  But there's something about the moments when your belief is not at the forefront and you're just going through the moment you're in, when you just have to trust in someone else's belief that He's here.  He's with you.  He's got this.  He's got your back.

My head knows the truth, my head rests in the truth, my heart thinks I will be able to live strong in the truth in the moments of fear.


Until fear comes.  Until you're afraid.

Then, then your heart  has to play catch up to the knowledge your head has.

Then your head has to give your heart time to catch up, time to remember the truth you know, time to heal.

Sometimes the knowledge that God's here is the only thing there is to hold onto, even when you can't feel it in you're heart, or see it with your eyes, your head has to be the one to remind you that, yes, He's here.  He's got this.

He's got my head and He's got my heart.

He's here.

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