Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Packing it all up

I've been doing a lot of packing lately - packing and unpacking, sorting and throwing, donating and selling.  Packing to move, packing for vacation, packing, packing, packing.

So the Pioneers have been on my mind a lot these last few weeks.  When I was in elementary school I remember studying the Pioneers, remember those people?  The ones who left their homes and families and headed west for better opportunity?

One of the projects we did was to pack the covered wagons for the journey.  We had a list of items a family had before they left and it was our assignment to figure out what HAD to be left behind and what HAD to go.  The pioneers didn't face questions like I've asked myself:   will I use this in my new house?  They asked questions like:  do we have room?  How much does it weigh?  How are we going to get it over mountains and streams?

I can just throw things in a box, seal it with tape and when the movers load the truck, I don't have to worry about it making it up big hills or being thrown over an embankment because it's too heavy and the horses can't pull it.

I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff these last few weeks, but there's a lot more that, when I get to my new house and start finding places for all the stuff, I'm sure I will go through the sorting, throwing, donating routine all over again.

We pack heavy loads, we carry heavy loads, and we're always trying to find a place to put the burdens (I mean the stuff) we carry around in our houses, in our purses, in our our hearts.

While I'm on earth I'll deal with stuff, physical and spiritual, mental and emotional.  Some things will find a place perfectly fit.  Others will get moved around from room to room, from emotion to emotion, until there isn't a spot for it or it's just taking up too much room, crowding out the good which makes the house look warm and inviting.

Jesus keeps helping me pack my covered wagon  by telling me, "that's a little heavy, you don't need to carry that.  I've got it for you."  He's always doing a cleaning out of my heart, taking the fears and the worries and the anxieties and the guilt and the shame and the pain and getting rid of it so I don't have to be burdened with them anymore.  I just have to let go.

Yeah, we're still taking a LOT of stuff to our new house.  We'll live in boxes and chaos awhile, but when it's all sorted out, when everything has found its place, it will be our home.

While I'm here on earth the house of my heart will constantly be sorted and cleaned and laid at the foot of the cross, but when I'm gone, when my last breath is breathed, I will be free from the clutter, from the burdens, from the hanging on of what's so hard to let go.

I'll be free.


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  1. Great post and so on my mind these days. I packed up my office last week and brought four big shopping bags home. Two are unpacked and there are still lots of things to shred, discard -- Vietnam Vets will be here next week -- and put away. How much of a burden of stuff -- physical and emotional -- do I carry around?