Monday, May 6, 2013

Navy wife rambling

Living as a military spouse is a challenge I had no idea I was in for when I got married.  Before I got married my only ideas of what it would be like were from the movie, An Officer and a Gentlemen.  You know the scene, Debra Winger gives up on her officer candidate boyfriend and goes back to working in a factory.  Well, her officer boyfriend, Richard Gere, comes into the factory dressed in his Navy whites, sweeps her off her feet, literally, and they leave the factory with all the other workers cheering them on.

Yeah.   Right.

Then we have Army Wives, a television show on Lifetime, that although having hokey moments, really had told the closest story of day to day military living, spouse style - except this last season where they killed off Claudia-Joy, and Roxie left, and Pamela is gone!......but, I digress.

I've had a handful of really good Navy wife friends in the 25 years I was connected in the military world.  There is a bond that forms almost immediately when you make a friend in your husband's command or in your neighborhood of housing.  No one can relate like a fellow navy wife.  (I know the army wives and the other services can say the same, so just assume I'm talking about them too).

But one of my friends that I hold a little closer to my heart is my friend, Rose Marie.  She wasn't your typical navy wife.  She came into the fold after I had already been around the game for a good ten plus years.  She had just finished law school and married her navy guy.  She wasn't up on all the policies and procedures of who could talk to whom and who couldn't hang out with whom because their husband was this and not that.

In other words, she became my breath of fresh air.

She taught me, or shall I say, God taught me through her, not to take life so seriously.  She prayed for me when my husband and I were going through the most challenging time of his career.  She had the wisdom to see that I wasn't who my husband's rank was and was gifted in sharing that wisdom with me.

She was inside the Navy wife kingdom, but still had the ability to stand on the outside and look in with objectivity.

Anyway, today's her birthday.  I'm so thankful for her.  I don't get to see her as often as I'd like, but there is not a time when I think about her or see her activity on Facebook  that I don't thank God for her friendship.  She's one of the best friends I could have ever hoped to have.

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