Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for Xylem

X is for Xylem.

I may be stretching this one a bit, and if you are a horticulturist or a botanist or anyone associated with plants or gardening, please forgive my small understanding of botany as I try to describe the God of the universe as Xylem.

First of all, what is Xylem?  Xylem, according to the  (I told you, I have a very small understanding of botany) website:

 "The xylem of a plant is the system of tubes and transport cells that circulates water and dissolved minerals. As a plant, you have roots to help you absorb water. If your leaves need water and they are 100 feet above the ground, it is time to put the xylem into action! Xylem is made of vessels that are connected end to end for the maximum speed to move water around. They also have a secondary function of support. When someone cuts an old tree down, they reveal a set of rings. Those rings are the remains of old xylem tissue, one ring for every year the tree was alive."

Xylem is from the Greek word Xylon which means wood.

Ok, so, I already told you the other day that Jesus called himself a vine and he called his followers the vine's branches, so we can stay with the wood theme.  

If we are branches, and branches are wood, then picture Jesus being the xylem, the transportation system distributing water to all the places in the branch that need it.  A vine can't produce flowers or fruit if it doesn't have water.  Not only is Jesus the Vine but he is also the water system that provides the water to flow in the branches, the wood, to sustain the vine and produce fruit or flowers!!

It's a stretch, I know.  But give me a break, it's the letter X.

X is for Xylem.



  1. Yep. It's a stretch, but I'll give you a break.