Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Unchanging

U is for Unchanging.

Malachi 3:6 - "I the LORD do not change."

Change -  sanah - to repeat, do again; to change, alter; to pretend, to be changed.

 Please click on this video before you read further. (It is not me playing, I am strictly using this video as an audio analogy).  Listen to it for now as you read, then come back and watch it after, there are beautiful pictures in it.

Since I've been playing piano there is one piece of music that I've tried to conquer and have yet to do so.  The piece is Pachelbel's Canon in D.

 The difficulty I have had in trying to master this particular piece of music is not the notes or the timing, it's the rhythm I have trouble with.  It is a piece of music that is written to be played smoothly, connected with a moderate rhythm.  However, the notes are written so that at the beginning of the piece it sounds like it is a fairly slow song.  It starts out slowly and as more notes are added, even though it seems to be speeding up, the beat remains the same.

 That's where my problem is.  The more notes I add to the piece, the more my pace increases, so that my fingers can't keep up where my own beat is taking me.  Before I know it, I'm stumbling all over the place.  The notes aren't hard to play, the timing itself isn't hard to interpret, there are no triplets or trills in the piece I attempt to play. I just can't keep a steady beat.  I'm either going too fast or going too slow.

  I have such a hard time keeping with the beat of the piece.

 Think of our life with God in this way too.  We start out in our walk of faith kind of unsteady, unsure where we're supposed to go.  The beat keeper, He knows where He's taking us.  He has the beat, it's slowly beating in the background.  Not too fast, not too slow.  The notes we're playing are fairly easy to play.

   Then, when we get our footing, more notes are added to our faith life, more challenges added to our faith.  It's not as easy as we thought it would be, it appears to be speeding up at times, going faster than we can keep up, but behind the music of our lives, behind the notes, there's the Beat Keeper, the Metronome, keeping a steady beat.  It appears the writing of our life's music is difficult, faster than we can play, but the Beat Keeper is keeping perfect time.

   What appears to be going so fast or so slow, is, in reality, in perfect step with the beat He's laid out for us.  The beat of the music never changes and we may get a few extra notes thrown in from time to time, but the Metronome doesn't change the pace.  We are walking His tempo.  We can let the added notes of our life speed up our walk, going faster than the Metronome is keeping time and then have to wait for the Beat to pull us back into its rhythm.  Or, we can be a note or two or a whole measure behind the beat and we get lost in the music of our life and can't find the place to jump back in and keep in time with the Time.

   The music is so much more beautiful when it's played in the Time it was written to be played.  If we rush or if we lag behind, the music loses its beauty.  When we play our music in our own time we may hit every note perfectly, but if it's not played in keeping with the Beat, we miss the beauty and the connection and flowing grace the music sings.

   His beat is not to harm us or to keep us from having fun playing those sixteenth and thirty second notes faster than the beat wants them played.

   His beat keeps the notes from running off the page, keeping our fingers from getting tangled up in places it can't get back to without ruining the beauty of the piece.  He doesn't change His beat to wait for us or to catch up with us.  His beat remains the same, unchanging, flowing, connecting.  His beat strengthens, enables, and  makes beautiful, beautiful music to a world of hurting souls.

U is for Unchanging.



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