Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Merciful

I've been looking forward to the letter M since this blogging challenge started.  Remember when E was for equal and I challenged you to think of God in the opposite way that you may normally think?  Today is one of those letters that I hope you come to understand how merciful God truly is.

Mercy -  compassion or forbearance shown especially to an offender or to one subject to one's power. Mercy implies compassion that forbears punishing even when justice demands it.  To be merciful means to be full of mercy, compassionate.

Both the Hebrew (rahum) and the Greek (oiktirmon) words describing God as a merciful God have simple meanings and similarly mean what the English word defines as mercy.

Mercy means mercy.

God is MerciFUL.  God is full of mercy. Just like He is full of anger, He is equally full of mercy.

Because of Jesus, because of His life, death, and resurrection, we are shown mercy by a merciFULL God.

When we get trapped into thinking we don't deserve to be forgiven for our wrongs, or someone who has wronged us doesn't deserve to be forgiven, we are being unmerciful to our own self and to others.  We are merci-empty.  God never gets empty on mercy.  We may.  He doesn't.

We may say we or someone else deserves to be punished for what we've/they've done, but God longs to lavish us/them with His mercy, because Jesus has already taken the punishment meant for us.  God shows mercy to us because He is a merciFUL God AND because Jesus made it possible for us to be shown mercy.

Without Jesus, we deserve punishment for the wrongs we've done.

Because of Jesus we are given mercy despite the wrongs we've done.

Every time you think that God is angry with you, remind yourself, He is merciful towards you.

Every time you think God hates you for what you've done in the past, remind yourself, He is full of mercy towards me despite my past.

Every time you think God is punishing you for your sins, remind yourself, the punishment I deserve was laid on Jesus and now I am living in God's mercy, not punishment.  (There may be consequences to your sins, but the punishment for your sins has already been given.  To Jesus.)

God is full of mercy towards you


Knuckleheaded, can't-get-it-through-your-thick-head, do the same stuff over and over, you'd think you'd get it right - YOU!  Yes, You! 

God is full of mercy towards you even though you did do and sometimes continue to do the terrible, awful things you did and do!

God is full of mercy towards you even though you may not want it or think you deserve it.  Your refusal to believe He can't be merciful towards you doesn't make Him less merciful.  He can't stop being who He is and says He is even though you don't believe He is who He says He is.

Quit telling God who and what He should forgive and not forgive.  Quit telling God who does and doesn't deserve mercy.

Open up your eyes and your hands, ask Him to open your heart to receive the mercy He has given you.  Let Him worry about who does and doesn't deserve forgiveness or mercy.

Take what He's given you.

Rest in it.

Marinate in it.

Believe it.

God is a merciful God.

Full of mercy.

Rest on that word.

M is for Merciful.

Deuteronomy 4:31; Luke 6:36; Nehemiah 9: 31


Questions to consider:
1.  In what area or areas of your life do you think God should not show mercy or you believe you don't  deserve mercy?

2.  Do you have a full assurance of God's mercy towards you?  I will be praying for you that you will come to know it, deep down to your bone marrow.

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