Monday, April 15, 2013

L is for Living Light

I bet you thought I was going to do L is for Love...

L is for Light.

L is for Living Light.

L is for a light that still shines in a dark world.

Recently a thought consumed my mind for a few days and I marveled its significance when the realization settled in my bones.  The thought was this:  

Less than three hundred years ago the world did not have electric light or electricity.  Three hundred seems like a lot, but in the grand scope of the earth's age, whether you are a creationist or an evolutionist, three hundred years is not a long time to have electricity.

The world existed, developed, and invented without the use of electricity or electric lights.

I don't know if we can even fathom what that was like.  Everything we use, including this computer I am typing on right now, to the light shining above my head and the phone at my side and the clothes dryer drying in the background, did not exist a few centuries ago.

So my thought process is this:  In the days of the Bible, a verse that spoke of a light shining in darkness, or the Lord being my light, or the Word being a light to my path, would have much greater application and meaning than say now.  Rarely are we in total physical darkness.  

But even though we live in a lit up world, we still need the Light of the World to shine on us.  Even though we are living in an electricity driven world, it is still a dark world without the Light shining down on and in it.  

Jesus is the Light.  He is also the Living Light.  He truly lives.  He wasn't just a good teacher that died an unjust death. 

He is a Living Savior who is shining His light on all people right now.  You may be living in a dark place, but your dark place is not dark to Him.  

We may be living in dark and evil times, but our Living Light is still shining and calling on all to turn to Him for Living Light.

His light can break through the darkest sin.

His light can shine where no electric light can reach.

His light doesn't need our light switches to shine.

His light is enough to open the most closed and hardened heart.

His light will shine on the darkness of this world and will expose it for what it is.

His light lives, because He lives.  

He is living because He is the light that cannot be turned out.

L is for Living Light.


Questions to get you thinking.

1.  Have you ever experienced total physical darkness?  What was that like?  Were you afraid?
2.  What possession do you now have that you miss using the most when the power is out?
3.  Are you living in a dark place where you don't think the Light of Jesus could ever shine?  If so, ask Him to shine His light on that dark place.  I will be praying for you to see His Light.


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