Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just a moment shared

We met for lunch today, my friend and I.  Both northerners transplanted in the south.  Neither of us have lost our northern twang and it's so good to talk with someone who says her o's and e's and i's the way I do.  No translation or enunciation gaps in this relationship.

We talked about our kids, their future plans, their present circumstances.  We share the same common table prayer and prayed it today before we ate - "Come Lord Jesus, be our guest and let these gifts to us be blessed."  We talked of the Bible series showing on TV right now, how she's been watching it, I've got it taped and still haven't watched it.

We share northern roots, Lutheran roots, and love for Jesus roots.  She's been my friend almost from the first day she moved into the neighborhood about a year or so after we moved in.  We talked of our plans to move back north and promised to spend more time together before we leave.

We said and hugged good-bye at the door, it was too cold and windy here today to stand outside and talk.  We are blessed with our friendship.  We are blessed by our connections.  We are blessed by Jesus.

We are blessed.

Just a moment shared

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