Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Equal

Equal - of the same measure, quantity, amount, or number as another

There's been a lot of talk about equality here in the United States the last few days, years really.  Lots of people demanding equal rights, for equality's sake rather than what's best, right, wrong, good, or bad in someone else's eyes.  Demanding equality, throughout the history of the United States Constitution has brought with it anger, pain, division, war, bad feelings, family splits, etc, etc.  That's not to say that because of those things that equality is wrong.  I am NOT saying that.  I'm saying that when equality is demanded, resistance follows.

But God, my God, my Jesus, he always deals in equality because He is always equal, even when it appears that He is not treating someone equally.  If we could see the beginning, middle, and ending of the world we would see that He is being equal to all.  But we can't, so it can appear that God is unbalanced in his characteristics and his actions.
In other words, the compassion that God has is no more or no less than the anger He has. 

The anger God has is no more and no less than the mercy He shows. 

The mercy He shows is no more and no less than the jealousy He has for His child.

The jealousy God has is no more and no less than the anger He shows.

The Anger God has is no more and no less than the Love He has for humanity.

The thing about God is  He is balanced in His characteristics whereas human beings....not so much.

It seems people are described by their personality traits.  Have you noticed that?  "He's so arrogant."  Or, "She's so nice."  Or, "he can be really fair, but get him on an off day and watch out!"  And when we describe someone by their personality trait we are not giving the full picture.  We only can
describe what we see about someone, not what is inside someone's heart.  The "really nice" person may be seen outwardly as kind  but you may not see him in private struggling with deep insecurity or shame or pain.

The same thing happens when people talk about God.  Those who feel guilty in so many things in their life, I would guess, and it's only a guess, they see God as a God who will punish.  It's hard to see God as compassionate when the main idea someone has about him is that he punishes unfairly.

Then there are those who just la, la, la through life singing and saying, "God is love.  We should love everybody."  True.  Very true.  But that is an unbalanced view also.  God is equally loving towards mankind, but as loving as he is, he is equally just.  God can't be more of one characteristic to be less of another.

We are the ones who are unequal.  We're either too angry, too nice, too arrogant, too meek, too compromising or too stubborn.  We don't have the ability on our own to be equal in our understanding of God or our understanding of others or ourselves. 

A Pastor I once knew said, "There will always be a part of us that doesn't love God."  God doesn't have the same problem towards us.  We can't say about God, "there will always be a part of God that doesn't love mankind."  He will always, always, always love His creation as equally as He mourns for the fallen world in which we live.

God is equal.  His ways are equal to His heart.  His heart is equal to His actions. His actions are equal to is love.   

Here's a challenge for you.  After you read this and before you get all heated about some of these things written here, take the word that you regularly use when you think about God.  Is it angry?  Is it Love?  Is it Bully?  Is it non-existent?  Whatever word you may frequently think when you talk about God or think about God, think of him in the opposite term.  If you think God is angry with you, think of him as pleased with you. If you can only think of God as love, think of what God might hate.  Is God a bully in your mind?  Than think of him as an advocate for the helpless. Do you think God doesn't exist, what if he really does exist?

Can't see him as the opposite of what you think of him?  Pray and ask Him to show you the opposite.  Here's the thing, he will show you.  But it won't be in the way you expect him to show you and it won't, most likely, be immediately after you pray.  Be willing to walk with God in His time on this topic.  

Think you might give it a try?  What do you have to lose? 

E is for Equal.  


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