Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Brave

Either way you cut it, not matter which side of religion you stand, whatever you believe the crucifixion meant or didn't mean, you have to admit....Jesus was Brave.

Even when he begged the Father to let the cup pass, he was brave.

Even when he had a crown of thorns piercing his skull...he was brave.

Even when he was used in a game, his clothes the prize...he was brave.

Even when he carried the cross, to the place where he would be nailed to it...he was brave.

Even when he felt the nails in his hands and feet...he was brave.

Even when he felt the Father turn his face from him while he suffered...he was brave.

Even when he was mocked by those who looked up at his naked body, bleeding and beaten...he was brave.

Brave - having or showing courage

He didn't have to be brave.  He didn't have to show courage.  He was God.  He could have come down from that cross.  He could have stayed in heaven.  He could have fought back.  He could have.

But he didn't.

He showed bravery because He is bravery.

He lived through it with the human side of him showing, but the divine side giving Him strength.  I wonder if He wanted to say, "Ok, that's it.  I change my mind.  Let's come up with another way to save the world."  That's what my human mind would say.

But his divine mind, it kept him on the course.

He felt the fear we would fear if it were us.  But he was brave and went through with it anyway.

He stayed the course that was planned long before any of those who spit on him, flogged him, nailed him, or mocked him were even born.

It would be understandable if he were chicken, cowardly, fearful, spineless, or even, yellow.

But instead he was bold, courageous, gutsy, heroic, lionhearted, undaunted, valiant.

He is Brave.

B is for Brave.


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