Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Able

  Able - having sufficient power, skill, or resources to accomplish an object
        Synonyms - competent, capable, equal, fit, good, qualified, suitable

Dynamai - to be able, possess ability.  To be able, have power to do something by virtue of one's own ability and resources.  To have the capacity for something, be able through a state of mind or favorable circumstances, be able to handle or receive something, have potential for.  To be capable, possess skill or competence, be sufficiently powerful.  

  The last time I physically saw my paternal Grandpa, Myrle, we were sitting in the living room of the home he had shared with Grandma for sixty plus years.  Myrle was a collector and once my Grandma went to live in a nursing home, the inside of their house began to look even more like the outside territory of Grandpa's.  The small  living room had several TV's and there were tray tables set up with random items piled on each of them.  When I volunteered to clean up some, Grandpa waved me away and said to leave it alone.  He liked it that way.

   So it was just the two of us, in the living room that still smelled of Grandma, even though she'd been away from it a couple years.  I sat on the couch and Grandpa was in the chair he always sat in. He was holding a piece of paper in his hand that had written on it a verse from Matthew 19:26 that said, "With God all things are possible."

   The house was quiet, just the two of us there and Grandpa showed me the paper and asked me if it was true.  Did I believe what it said, that with God all things are possible?  I remember telling him that I did.  I did believe that nothing was impossible for God.  Grandpa looked out the window and we didn't take the conversation any further.  I waited for further indication from him that he needed to hear more, and before I could form a sentence to expound on my answer, he was talking about the neighbors next door and the weather, and all the comfortable things he had talked about for all the years I'd known him.

   Grandpa passed away a few months later and I've thought about that day many times since.  When regrets from of that day try to bring me down, and I think back on it, I realize that the few words we shared about possibility were perhaps just the words needed to answer a question he may or may not have been struggling with.

   If I could have a do-over of that day, of that moment, this is what I'd like to believe I would tell him.

"Yes, Grandpa, everything is possible with God because God is able to make the impossible possible.  He is able to keep us from falling.  He is able to save completely those who come to Him."

   I'm sure my understanding of that word able or possible wouldn't impress him much.  Even if I could have explained it eloquently and to the point, my imagined answer in the do-over wasn't what he needed to hear in that moment.  Maybe I needed to hear the question, because that conversation comes to mind often.  Did I and better yet, do I believe it's true?  Do I believe He is able to save completely and keep me from falling?  I have come to believe that he does and is able to.  Maybe more so, just because of that thirty second conversation I had with my Grandpa.

   What about you?  Do you believe in a God who is Able?

Hebrews 7:25

Jude 24

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