Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just Writing...Again

When they're there needing help to the bathroom,cleaning up, needing pain medication, another blanket, the light turned off, their IV pump reset to stop the incessant beeping, to be reminded to keep their arm straight,  try not to bend it,
            it's ok if you do,  happens all the time,
                    don't worry, you're not a bother, you're sick, that's why you're here,
                          you need someone to help you
                                            for the time being....

    and I feel their frustration, their fear, their pain, their sadness, their worry that they won't get better, they'll hurt like they do right now for a long time, maybe even, the rest of their lives,
    and they breathe and try to bring oxygen to their lungs so the lungs can send the oxygen to the rest of the trillions of cells waiting for a fresh dose to do the job they were created to do.

   The drive home brings the replays of  their faces, their stories, their fears and giving them to Him to take and make well, to make whole, to heal not just their body, but their soul, their hearts, to bring freedom in the suffering we all suffer and will suffer and live suffering...here, but not THERE,
   and someday, someday the burdens we carry will be forever lifted from our bodies, from our weak, small shoulders, from our hearts and we will walk in freedom, not to be burdened again and forever of the sufferings we face here on this bittersweet place we live on called earth.
  We'll be free.  Forever free.

Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, he said, and I will give you rest.  He who carries the burdens of our suffering, always has room for more.  His shoulders are big and the rest He brings gives freedom to endure the suffering, to be changed by the pain, to be renewed and made new, to let go and give to Him to carry,
            His burden is light He says, the burdens we carry and put on Him are light to Him, never too heavy,                        never too many. and always, always there is room for more.

Just Write


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by Bare Tribe!
    This was soothing to read. I can never get enough of this stuff. These honest testimonies and these promises again and again :) It's good. Thank you!
    Britney Nichole