Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trusting the Spirit of God in Your Loved Ones

On a small piece of paper tucked in between two pages of my Bible is the handwritten note to myself:
I trust the Spirit of God in my loved ones.

I don't know when I wrote the note, why I wrote it, or where I got the thought, I just know it's been there a long time and I've come across it during divine moments when all one can do is to trust the Spirit of God in my loved ones.

I probably came across that quote in a book or a devotional, but I'm sure it spoke to me during a time I was worrying about a loved one.  

Trusting the Spirit of God in our own lives is hard, but even harder to trust Him working in the lives of those we love.  We want (or at least I want, how about you?) to see God working the way I think He should be working.  I'm guilty of being the holy spirit instead of letting the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit.  

I'm not perfect at trusting His Spirit in those I love, but I'm getting there.  It's not always easy, and God has to peel my fingers off the control knob one by one sometimes, but I am getting it.  Slowly.  

There's freedom when I trust the Spirit of God in my loved ones.  Freedom to rejoice that God is God and is doing what only God can do.  Freedom to believe that God knows so much more than I do about the inner workings of a loved one's heart.  Freedom to rest from constant worryprayer.  You know what that is, you worry so you pray, and then you worry some more so you pray some more. And really, when we worrypray we're not praying, we're just finding a excuse to deny we are really worrying.  Freedom to trust God's Spirit in a loved one gives me time to praise Him for what He is doing and not waste time worrypraying.  

There's freedom when I trust God's Spirit in a loved one.  Freedom to be an encourager, not an enabler or a pest or a nagger.  


It's a good word.  It covers a lot of ground.  There's more t o be had, more to be found.
It doesn't mean the shackles never bind, it means that when Jesus is around, freedom's not hard to find.

Freedom isn't free, so they say in the USA
And it came at a high price for the One who gave Himself away

So that I can be free, free to live, free to love, free to grow, free to stand
It came at the cost of nails in His feet and His hands

Freedom isn't free, and the price was high
But He paid my debt so that I could not deny

It isn't me that lives free to do what I please,
It's Him in me that gives me the ease

The ease to face trials, to face joys, to face tears
With the One who knows how to take away fears.

He is the One who brings freedom to me
And He is the One who says, "Just trust Me."

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