Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TJOLC Part 4

Ugh.  That's the only word for it.  Ugh.

Ugh describes the feeling I get when I think of the downsizing that has to start.  Now.


Ugh thinking it, ugh starting it, ugh sorting it, ugh, ugh, ugh.

Then I saw books that I've been keeping as my favorites.  That I thought I would never, could never part with.  But really, why am I hanging onto them?  They were, for the moment that I read them my favorite, and with the thought that this was so good I will read it again.  But did I?  Have I?  Will I?  No.  No.  Probably, most likely not.

I have a stack of autobiographies that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading.  I always like reading the personal stories of folks, because it's in their words that you really can get a deeper picture of their thinking, their heart's motives.  The tunnel view media only let's us see one side, usually the side the media wants us to know, rather than the multi-faceted sides of the person that an autobiography can let us see.

I like that.  Some of my favorites of late have been Regis Philbin, Florence Henderson, Laura Bush, and Johnny Cash.  An autobiography lets you see the person for who they really are.  What they struggled with, how they overcame or didn't overcome personal battles.  Autobiographies let us see that we all started as just a boy, or just a girl, growing up with dreams and fears.

We all start out the same.  Just people.  Figuring out how life works, where we fit in.

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  1. I have the hardest time parting with books especially my favorites. Stopping by from Just Write.