Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TJOLC Part 3

I was talking to my husband this morning about our plans for our future move.  When to put the house up for sale, what to do if the house sells fast ( I don't think it will) when to apply for a job.

I get excited thinking about it.

I've had on my dining room table, since after Christmas, piles of stuff to sort through.  Mostly notes, journals, bible study materials.  Today I decided was the day to finally tackle it and see my pretty tablecloth again.

What a blessing it's been to be God's child.  That's all I could think about as I've sifted through notes, highlighted text, names on prayer lists.  The blessings have abounded.

I wanted to save everything, but just couldn't let myself do it, so what I've been doing the last few hours is typing in pertinent notes and comments that I've written or I've highlighted and put them on my computer.

Some of the markings are more than 10 years old and I can look back and see, NOW, what God was doing THEN.  Maybe God's been preparing me all along to leave comfortable and step in faith to walk where there is only light for the step in front of me.  Sometimes it seemed that I have been in a holding pattern for several years and now the wheels are beginning to be oiled, the engines are no longer idling, but are locking into Drive.

Who knows what's ahead?  Him.

Him alone.

And that gives me peace and great joy.

I found a scrap of paper with notes on it I had scribbled several years ago.  I read the passages from time to time but had lost track of it till today.  I hope they speak to you and give you great peace to know that He has not forgotten you.  It's just not time yet.

1.  Maybe what God is doing while we wait is more important than what we are waiting for.

2.  Waiting means, "I trust that God knows what He is doing."  And unlike us, God is never in a hurry.

3.  Why does God make us wait?  God's focus is the person He's making us to be, not the place we're going.

4.  Waiting is the hardest work of hope.

5.  Waiting isn't something we have to do until we get what we want.  Waiting is part of the process of becoming who God wants us to be.

Have a blessed Wait.


walking and writing with Heather

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