Monday, January 28, 2013

The Ripple Effect

I was reminded this morning of the events in our lives, the moment, the day, the hour, the trial, the challenge, any of the things that we are facing, and all brought a picture of a still, calm lake that has just had a pebble thrown into it.  The ripples start, first bigger ripples at the center then as they continue to get wider they get smaller.  Soon the ripples reach the shore, with a few stragglers pushing against the sand and then the water is calm again, like nothing happened, but underneath the surface organisms have shifted and moved to another part of the lake where they will live and breathe and have their being.

But a piece of bark, that had been  floating for days, rode the waves of the ripples and landed on the shore to be picked up by a small child and used to dig a hole in the sand.

Sometimes our life is the pebble that starts a ripple effect in someone else's life and sometimes we are experiencing the ripples of another person's life.

Your life, the choices you've made and will make today, will have a ripple effect.  Just like the choices I will make today will make ripples that someone today, tomorrow, or next year or fifty years from now will be affected by.

If you could, which ripple would you like to be taken out?  Imagine if that ripple were not there.

Imagine if your ripple is the direct result of someone's pebble being dropped in the center of a calm lake.

Would your life be better or would it be worse if you weren't part of someone's ripple?

You are a part of someone's ripple and someone else is a part of your ripple.

We don't ask for the things that are completely out of our control to happen to us, but still they do.  A family member dies, the C word is now part of the vocabulary, a car runs a red light and slams into you, and forever our lives our changed.

The ripples begin.

You meet the people you would have never met if that ripple effect hadn't started somewhere way back in the middle of the lake, where you have never traveled, but still it's ripples splash onto you and you are changed.

Changed for the better in some ways or changed for the worse in other ways.

But still changed.

And when you look back
    and are able to see each ripple before you that made your ripple,

         you see that each ripple brought with it something you needed to face the moment you are in right now.

                You couldn't stop the rock that started it all from falling,

                     but you can see that when the ripples started,
                        it not only caused the water itself to move and the organisms in it to scatter,

                           and as they scattered, along came something that jumped onto your ripple that you needed

 and you couldn't have gotten it if the rock that started it all hadn't fallen.

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