Friday, January 11, 2013

Breaking Down the Gates of Feelings

John 8:32  Then  you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

My new granddog, Penny, was rescued after being found on the steps of a church.  She has displayed what is labeled in dog world, as "separation anxiety."  My daughter and SIL  have been kennel training her since the first day but one of the first times they left her alone when they were gone for a few hours, Penny had tried to escape from her kennel.  When they returned a few hours later, Penny had a bare spot on her forehead where the hair had been torn off from trying to get out of her kennel.

The next course of action was to keep her contained in the laundry room, out of her kennel, with a baby gate  in the doorway.  Penny would be free to walk around in the laundry room, but unable to wander in the rest of the house.  When her "mom and dad" returned, Penny was not in the laundry room but wandering in the house!  She had jumped over the gate.

So, they doubled the gates, and left her in there the next trip out of the house.  When they returned, this is what they found.  Be sure to look on the bottom left.

What is even more remarkable is that when Penny chewed her way out of her "prison" she looked like this:

When we are exposed to Truth, truth that our mind believes, truth that our hearts absorb, we are like Penny and do everything we can to run out of our former prisons.  Penny knew it was freer outside the prison then in.  

When our feelings (which many times are the rulers of our hearts) are exposed for what they are, just feelings, Truth begins to reign in our hearts and minds where once only our feelings of fear, feelings of anger, feelings of sadness, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of self-control, feelings of pride, and other feelings once reigned. 

When feelings lose their place on the throne, Truth sits down and rules our life.

When Truth trumps feelings our lives change.

When feelings reign, fear surfaces. 

When Truth reigns, fear looks at Jesus and sees Him as the Master of nature, the Master of government, the Master of pain, the Master of relationships, the Master of healing.

When feelings try to reign, Truth sets our feelings in place and says, "I am the Way.  I am the Truth.  I am the Life."

When feelings try to control us, Truth gently says, "Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."

Truth brings true feelings.

True feelings that empower, that encourage, that enable, that humble.  True feelings bring true freedom.

Freedom brings Truth.

Freedom feels Truth.

Real freedom comes from Truth.

When you know the Truth, He sets you free.

Truth feels freeing.  Truth liberates.  Truth enables.  Truth empowers.  Truth brings courage.  Truth banishes fears.  Truth lives in you.  

If you believe Jesus is the truth, Truth lives in you.  

We still have feelings when we have truth but our feelings don't reign.  Our feelings aren't in charge.  Truth is.

Do we really want to be free?  Do we really want to do everything it takes, like Penny did, to be set free?

You see, your feelings are like Penny locked in the laundry room.  Your feelings have locked you in.  You can stay there and have room to walk around.  But the space is small, there's not much to see when you stay there.  There's not much to do except what you're doing.

But when you take the Truth that the Truth giver gives you, you have the power to be set free.

Feelings don't have to reign.  

Jesus reigns.

You will ginosko - to know, come to know, recognize, understand - the truth, and the truth -aletheia:  , truth, reality, fact - will set you eleutheroo - to set free, liberate.

Jesus has opened the prison doors, you don't have to gnaw on plastic to get out.  The gates are down, the door to freedom has been opened.

Just walk in it.

Truth is holding you.

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